*Updated 1/31/2010*

Sigh…Just when you think EA may have actually done something right for a change with adding 1000 Free SimPoints (see below) with The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff, one of the Guru’s chimed in stating that the registration process produces those points as an error.  Yep, it thinks you are registering World Adventures which is why Sliver22 below got free SimPoints:

I got the game 2 days ago.
I noticed that the registration is bugged – upon entering the serial I was notified to have registered World Adventures. Immediately I notified EA, so hopefully this bug will be removed, when the game comes out, because no one is supposed to get SimPoints for registering a stuff pack.

Other than that I noticed no further bugs.

Version number has moved up to 3.0.38, the patch 1.8/2.3 is included.

You know with all of the bad press EA has been getting, you’d think they’d shut their mouths and give everyone free SimPoints.  Its not like they have lost out on anything and it helps generate sells for the Stuff Pack.  I swear, it’s like they love the taste of putting their own foot in their mouth.

One lucky Simmer by the name Sliver22 has The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff in hand and is now sharing information about the game.  If you can’t wait until Tuesday – the game’s official release date – then read on below for some bits and pieces of new information as well as screens!

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Yes you can put fish in your tank that you have caught.

“All My Fishes Aquarium”

“Are your Sims interested in oceanography? Any vegetarian Sims sick of seeing fish get eaten by their friends and relatives? Sims can now fill their homes with the life of the ocean thanks to the All My Fishes Aquarium. Catch fish and put them in your aquarium, instead of the fridge. Just don’t forget to feed them and keep the tank clean”

No hottubs or info about a new EP

it does give you 1000 free Sim points when you register

The guitar sounds different and yes you can vibrate in the heart bed.

Requirements are same as world adventures, it takes 300 MB of free space. This stuff pack is a steal everyone. Its only 20 bucks and you get 1000 sim points, lots of new items. A couple new hairs and clothing items. Its great