I’ve been collecting many yellow caps from Dr. Pepper, so I’m debating on whether to establish a code-trading post for those who want these parts in an official manner.  Just not quite sure how to work that out just yet.  Speaking of Dr. Pepper, SimOperations found a video demonstration of the stats from the Spore Mech Parts which are part of the promotion:


    • Well that didn’t work out :/ Some people just can’t understand 1 code per person – as soon as I put up the post some (excuse my language but I’m pretty pissed) fuckwad decided to take all 8 codes. So yeah, not sure how exactly to do this now. And on top of that, I have to drink more Dr. Pepper :/

  1. The best way is to hand out the codes one by one. Ask who’s in need of one via a comment or pm and then post them privately.

  2. Yeah, I live in Canada and the promotion is not available here, I have been looking to get a batch of 3-6 codes for myself so I can get access to Spore/Mass Effect 2 items.

    If anyone is feeling generous feel free to send me some via e-mail.


  3. Hi guys, i’m from England. The whole ‘reuseable Dr. Pepper codes’ thing doesn’t work and here in England Dr. Pepper isn’t giving out any of these codes. If some kind soul could email me a code at – deklanparry@yahoo.com

    I would really appreciate it. Really, I would. I find it stupid and rather annoying that EA -A- Gave these parts out as a promotion. And -B-, delivered them solely to the US, when the fanbase of all these EA games is widely multinational. Thanks in advance to the kind soul who is willing to help me. (and drink Dr. Pepper ; ) ).

  4. Hi, I’m from England and as people have said before, Dr. Pepper do not sell the promotional bottles here, so I am unable to get one of the codes. If it would be possible for you to send me a code could you please? Oh, my email is ligaboy@hotmail.co.uk

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