The more I keep looking at Apple’s solution to a tablet, the iPad, the louder the voice in my head keeps saying “buy me”.  I mean, yes, technically I can come up with $499 for one of them… but I don’t need one.  I like shiny new gadgets though, so the temptation is going to be quite hard to resist.  Plus I know if I do buy one, it’ll go on sale the week later with a new model right around the corner for a cheaper price.  That’s how my life works when I buy things.

Anyways, enough rambling.  PC Mag shares their opinion about 10 iPhone apps that they believe will work out well with the iPad.  It’s no surprise that The Sims 3 and SimCity made the list.  I always hated trying to lay down roads in the iPhone version of SimCity…so it gave me a chuckle.

9) The Sims 3 – If you’ve been looking to walk your Sim around with more precision and take in more details in this very successful adaptation, the iPad will be a good option.

10) SimCity – The iPhone version of SimCity only had one glaring problem—the screen was a tad small to really do everything you wanted to do, especially if you had big fingers. The iPad’s screen will probably do the game justice. Now you can build your city with the peace of mind that you’ll be able to build roads precisely when that massive fire breaks out.

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