So why go on all this adventuring? Well, for some reason the governments of Egypt, France, and China only grant longer visas to people who have earned Visa points by running these cruel little errands and have desecrated enough tombs. You’ll initially only be able to stay for three days, which is a terribly short journey considering you’ll still have to eat, sleep, shower and do all of the other annoying little things you need to keep your Sim happy. You’ll find precious few hours to explore and adventure; if there was a way to take a “vacation” from some of the more boring aspects of the Sims, this expansion would be much more appealing. You’ll have to take several short, expensive three day vacations in order to ensure Visa points sufficient to take longer five and seven day vacations. Eventually, you’ll be able to earn the right to buy a second home at a vacation spot but this seems rather unnecessary if you’ve already explored the area through weeks of vacation. Your Sim ages on vacation just like they do in their home town, and so you can spend a better part of your Sim’s life traveling and exploring just so they can earn the right to permanently travel and explore the same areas. That is, of course, until they die.

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