Ok, so not extremely awful, but more like terrible according to the rating given by Customer Service Scoreboard.  According to the site, EA is “ranked #169 out of the 207 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 24.15 out of a possible 200. This score rates Electronic Arts customer service and customer support as Terrible.”

Just how bad is EA's Customer Service?  (E)xtremely (A)wful

But wait, in the word of the great Billy Mays – “There’s more!”  How about EA’s review of the past 3 years from the Better Business Bureau?

879 complaints in the last 36 months
These complaints concerned :

77 regarding Advertising Issues
1 – Advertised price not honored
3 – Advertised product not available
5 – Advertised service not available
3 – Advertised terms not honored
1 – Advertisement did not disclose all conditions required to take advantage of an offer
41 – Advertisement misrepresented a product
4 – Advertisement misrepresented a service
2 – Bait & switch advertisement
11 – False or unsubstantiated claims in advertisement
6 – None of the Above – Advertising Complaint Issue

73 regarding Billing or Collection Issues
18 – Failure to correct billing errors
1 – Failure to substantiate charges
3 – Improper collection practices
9 – None of the Above – Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue
13 – Unauthorized bank debits
29 – Unauthorized credit card charges

12 regarding Contract Issues
3 – Failure to honor a contract or agreement
1 – Invalid or false contract
8 – None of the Above – Contract Complaint Issue

99 regarding Customer Service Issues
51 – Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services
20 – Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support
2 – Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel
26 – None of the Above – Customer Service Complaint Issue

38 regarding Delivery Issues

2 – Late delivery of products
31 – Non-delivery of products
3 – Non-delivery of services
2 – None of the Above – Delivery Complaint Issue

23 regarding Guarantee or Warranty Issues
3 – Disputed warranty coverage and/or terms
5 – Failure to honor service under the terms of warranties
4 – Failure to provide promised written warranty or guarantee
11 – None of the Above – Guarantee or Warranty Complaint Issue

441 regarding Product Issues
200 – Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received
241 – None of the Above – Product Quality Complaint Issue

44 regarding Refund or Exchange Issues
8 – Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit
13 – Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies
23 – None of the Above – Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue

9 regarding Repair Issues
3 – Delayed completion of repair
1 – Improper or inferior repair
4 – None of the Above – Repair Complaint Issue
1 – Repairs resulted in additional damage

23 regarding Sales Practice Issues
5 – None of the Above – Sales Complaint Issue
1 – Sales presentation did not disclose key conditions of the offer
9 – Sales presentation misrepresented the product
3 – Sales presentation misrepresented the service
1 – Sales presentation not consistent with advertisement
4 – Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices

40 regarding Service Issues

3 – Delayed completion of service
2 – Failure to honor service estimate or agreement
20 – Improper or inferior service
14 – None of the Above – Service Complaint Issue
1 – Unauthorized service

Listen, I don’t know if John Riccitiello reads this site – I highly doubt it but I know employees of EA do.  If only this could somehow reach him to let him know how the fans feel – those who really matter in giving him the paycheck.  I may not have my wall lined up with various business degrees, but I do have something called ‘common sense’.  And my senses tell me that gamers don’t want to get ripped off by over-priced DLC, we don’t want half-assed games with patches that cause more harm then good, and when we do have issues, we actually would like them resolved when we call Tech Support…because that’s WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO DO!

Hey, don’t listen to us Johnny boy…we don’t know what we’re talking about…You just remember that whenever you get kicked from position as CEO for EA.  Hopefully the next person that will be put in place can actually focus in areas that matter the most.  Perhaps thats why EA keeps losing money – the gamers have wised up!

Thanks to LittleV and CMFinley94 for providing this information at the official Sims 3 Forum.