Well what do you know, I have picked up 3 bottles of Dr. Pepper with the promotional code and installed the 14 Spore Mech Parts patch that was shown off a few days back.  After installing, I noticed that it updated my Spore game to version 1.06. I can’t say what exactly the patch fixes because there is no notes but I’m sure it’ll eventually wind up at the official Spore site someday.  If you want to download the patch for yourself I have added it to the website.

Alternatively download from ModDB

Please note we take no responsibility for the content in this download and have provided it for archival purposes.

Spore Bots Parts Pack Notes:

  • This is an official Spore patch in terms that it came directly from http://www.spore.com untouched in terms of me uploading it.  However, according to MaxisCactus it is deemed ‘unofficial’ due to the fact that they haven’t officially released it themselves:  The “patch 1.06” is not an EA/Maxis product. Please exercise caution and only download content from sources you trust. If you install this patch, you will have an unsupported build of the game, which may mean you won’t be able to get help from CS in the future.  This patch will allow you to play with the new parts in game, but you will not be able to publish them because it does not grant the entitlement necessary for publication. Rest assured that I haven’t modified it or touched it in any way whatsoever.
  • PC Instructions:  Install the patch using the setup.exe installer.  If that doesn’t work for you, extract the BP2_Data.package file and install it like a mod
  • Mac Instructions (or if you can’t get the PC version to install):  Go to Finder>Downloads>Spore_Patch_6> then right-click Spore or Spore Galactic Adventures, click “Show Package Contents” then Contents>Resources>Transgaming>C_drive>Spore_EP1>Data> then drag “BP2_Data.package” from the first window to the second and you’re done! (Thanks to Nicholas for sending in the tip)
  • Users are reporting you cannot share these creatures by the official exchange due to a lock issue.  However it has been reported that you can still share them by posting the PNG file – just not to the official site.  This may be fixed when EA releases the patch on their website and removes the lock code.
  • Installing GA after installing the Dr Pepper parts pack is unsupported. Click here to find out more about how to fix your game issues if you’ve followed this unsupported path.
  • Buy a Dr. Pepper if they are sold in your area to support them.
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Thankyou, this is the most fantastic news, I’ve been searching for ages to get this patch!


This is why I love this site. Because lots of goodies get shared whether EAxis likes it or not!

You sir, are the most kindest and most generous person in the world. Thank you so much!


Oh Thanks!!!Thanks you so much!!Its people like you who are changing the bad opininons people got about Americans!!


Yahooo!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! 😀
I mean it! SO
–> !!!MUCH!!! <–


I’t Didnt Work.


Any errors? Did it not install? I haven’t put up a note, but the patch is for PC only, so if you are on a Mac that may be why.

Sum 1

Install it last, after installing each disc and patches. It bugs up the game otherwise.


Thanks for the patch! I’ll tell everyone about this site! Also, here a picture of the patch installer for you = http://i402.photobucket.com/albums/pp108/bionicle2809/SporePatch106-1.png


Yes, thank you! 😀


do you install a new version of spore or fdo you upgrade the one you have?


Eh? Nope, it updates from version 1.05 to 1.06 if that is what you mean 🙂


it dosnt work on spanish spore


Is somewhere the mac patch? I’m absolutely unlucky in these days.


I don’t think they made one…That isn’t right 🙁


Thank you so much! This is just right timing, cause I just got a PC so I can use it on that! THANK YOU!


Thanks. I do live in the USA, but I don’t live anywhere near where the promotional Dr. Peppers are sold.


it didnt work… and i dont got the spanish version i got the norwegian


Sorry Lava1o 🙁 I’ll include a note, thanks for letting me know.


Hey, it works! I can now see the Bot Parts icon in the Creature Creator! I have also tested the parts and they work well.

However, I don’t live in America nor I speak English, but my installed Windows and Spore are both in English (USA) versions.

Do you think this patch ONLY works with the English versions of either Windows or Spore? I really don’t know. All I know is that mine were both installed with the English versions, and the patch installation worked like a charm.


No idea – that’s a good theory. If more people can chime in that might just be the case, and all they need to do to get it to work is reinstall to English (of course, I’m sure that may be troubling for some as its not their native language).


Does anyone know if you can publish creations with the Bot parts using this patch? Often EAxis will need a registration code in order to be able to publish. Could someone respond and let me know?


Im Just Downloading. This is Great. I was one of the Dudes who lead in the MPN Protest and i really think this is a Brashness ! So.. Thhanks for making it aviable for us all ! I dont think were doing something wrong.. I mean there is a chance to get free codes announced.. Here is one too 😀

What shall we do else ? Buy a Dr-Pepper Soda ? 😀


That’d be a good idea…May want to buy a soda if you have one available so they at least get some sort of payment in return (and because soda is great 🙂 )


It didn’t work


Hey KismetScar! I’m the guy (ultimatezob) who held the “dredgit” contest that you won. Do you think you could let me know (either by commenting on one of my creations or by responding on here) if you can publish the Bot parts?


I dont believe there are any in-game restrictions Zob. Once you have them its yours. Only restriction are for those who don’t have the parts will not be able to use the creatures.

Very Thankful Sportan

You sir are a saint




could someone please make a patch for Mac? Pleeesaase! 🙁

Are You GOD?

You are the best eva. I shall erect a statue of you in every city in the world. hvzsd,jfkhgvbfjkbh,jnc,mgn,djgb,jghnbzdjj,h



Most likely it’s possible for non-english spore games to put the langauge on English before installing the game.


It DOESN`T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Judhudson, I suspect this patch requires an English version of Windows. The problem is not the Spore language but the Windows language.

This patch installs the same way Creepy and Cute setup does. The Bot Parts are installed and located in “C:\Programs Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE_BP2\”. And, of course, non-English versions of Windows don’t have the “Program Files” folder name.

I have also attempted to run Spore by setting its language to my own native language by using the “-locale” command-line thingy, and it works, but the Bot Parts’ names still display in English.

So, I believe that all the PC users MUST have an English version of Windows installed for this patch to work.

This is all I could dig up, so far…


can someone explain me, how i can install it?????


if it’s the program files issue: phew. The dutch version of Windows does has a program files folder :p


I’m not sure if it is, but if that doesn’t work, then the Windows has to be an English version.

This worked with me because my Windows is an English version.

Annoyed Anonmous

It ain’t Working… iv’e been repeatatly downloading it all day


@Seiniyta: can you give me the files folder???pls…, i would be delighted


HI! Thanks for the link, however it didnt work for me, i am in U.S., and it did download, but it didnt come up when i opened up Spore. Is there a particular place i need to save it in? Please hewp me! Thank you! 😉




sry, i can`t, bec. i`m a german! sry!!


So people are saying on spore.com that you can’t upload or share with this patch. I’m sure that it needs to be registered with your EA account, and it won’t work unless you have the specific codes.


Can some one with a kind heart give a dumbass (me) a full CLEAR set of intructions on how to download the patch from this website.


can some one give me a full and clear set of instructions to download this I’m to dumb to work it out 🙁


damn not for mac


Sucks that we do not have this action in our country. Wrong move EA. Just wrong.

Thanks for sharing Jud!


Rosie, did it work for you by any chance?


all it does for me is put it into a zip folder in my documents, how do i get it to work?


“It appears to only work for those who are running English copies of Windows (and the Spore game according to the various comments). Will not work for Spanish or Norwegian versions.”

I’m running a german Windows version and a german Ubuntu (Linux) copie and it works fine with Window 7 and Ubuntu (with wine)


This is so strange…I keep hearing mixed results :/


i’ve just found the BP2 or the booster pack that has the bot parts but how do i upload it or whatever to get it working


By running the setup.exe file it should automatically install it for you.


FOund out it works for mac. Yay! Get the above metioned BP2 file and install it like a mod. Only problem is you can’t upload things.


Thanks, re-updated the newspost again. If anyone has trouble – install it like a Mac user has to and you should be good to go (except for the whole sharing issue). If you want to fix that you need to get a Dr. Pepper code and go thru that mess.


Thank you.


Haven’t tried it yet, since I’m also working at the moment but when I install it, I’ll let you know how things went!


Awesome work Jud as always, just found out about this patch and the whole furore surrounding it, and you know what? My first reflex after EAxis failed me (I don’t think British Dr. Pepper has this promo going on) was to come to your site, and lo and behold, you’ve got the goods. Fantastic job!

Hope everyone gets this working and they get it global and uploadable/shareable though. Even for EA, this is a messy Spore patch. 😛


Thanks for posting this, out of interest where do you save the file?


Hey, just so you know, this promotional thing also applies for TS3:


Huh, is that why I can’t log into the server? Becuase I downloaded the parts from you because my dad has a contract with this promotion, meaning I can’t grab a bottle of Dr. Pepper for myself and enter the code I find. You know, what with being the distributer of the promotion itself and all…


do i SERIOUSLY need to make a dr pepper acc or something? cuz i am NOT going to use my frkin street address or zip code or ANYTHING!


I’d use a fake name/address. And for ZeekSlider…I see no harm in using fake info to put in the code for yourself regardless if your dad is part of Dr. Pepper. Just use fake info except for the email addy.