The Sims Zone is back once again with a new Sims 3 Editoral…this time they’re busting heads – in a spirital sense of course!

What I am calling regular ghosts are non-playable, they appear after midnight and return to their graves at dawn. During their time as ghosts, you can hear a ghostly wailing when they are active on a lot. They can animate various objects and if a sim is awake during that time, the ghosts have the annoying habit of scaring them, although I don’t believe that sims can be scared to death like they could be in The Sims 2. However, other behaviour can be more amusing. I have seen regular ghosts turning the TV on and working out, playing on the computer, having a nap on the bed, having something to eat or even driving cars to visit people in the night.

The Sims Zone - Weirdness of Death & the Afterlife

Let’s just hope he doesn’t get ahold of a pottery wheel…

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