Since I do not understand sign language, I can only assume of a few things Jacob (aka SuperMrWhite) above is trying to describe.  However the fact that he actually recorded a preview for the deaf blew my mind.  Not sure if there are any deaf readers that visit this site, but I hope his work could be spread around more and to encourage him to continue on 🙂

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Cool 🙂


Hi, this is anonymous. I don’t want show my public name and anything. It’s was me who is same person made this video. I didn’t know you posted this. I deleted this video, because nobody views that very much and I lost my interested to playing Sims 3 anymore. Haven’t for since more than 6 months now. Anyway, this is last one thing, why you said “Not sure if there any deaf readers will see this?” DEAF doesn’t mean people won’t read anything. No, they just can’t hear expect hearing! That’s all. Thanks.


Seriously! my best friend is deaf, but that doesn’t mean she can’t read! she’s loves to read in fact! sometimes I wonder how our generation is still surviving!!