Wow…I totally forgot this even existed!  Simtropolis posted a note via twitter the other day to let fans know they can still pick up the complete soundtrack for SimCity 3000 at the official SimCity website.  I love that music, so I’m downloading the tracks right now.  Good timing too, because ‘TheSidDog’ contacted me earlier about the music for the game, and how it brought back memories for him as well.  I was *this close* to purchasing it in iTunes…Now I don’t have to!

Download The SimCity 3000 Soundtrack:

Power Grid (5.3Mb)
Magic City (5.7Mb)
Illumination (7.3Mb)
Building (5.7Mb)
Window Washer’s Dream (4.7Mb)
Infrastructure (6.5Mb)
New Terrain (5.2Mb)
Sim City Theme (1Mb)
Sim Broadway (5.4Mb)
Urban Complex (6Mb)
Central Park Sunday (5Mb)
South Bridge (6.1Mb)
Concrete Jungle (6.4Mb)
Night Life (6Mb)
Updown Town (3.4Mb)

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