For those that use Twitter you may just find this handy.  InfiniteSims created a new feature on the social media website, collecting the latest news tweets from many Sims fansites all on one Twitter Profile known as ‘The Sims News Bot‘.  Many sites are participating – SimParool, Sims 3 Nieuws, Sims Exchange, Capital Sims,,, Snooty Sims, SimTimes and many more – and yes, even this site.

So please follow InfiniteSims new Twitter profile – you can do so here.  It needs to be successful in order to keep it running as it puts a load on their server.

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Afraid to say, this bot won’t exsist for very long. The new twitter rules state the only auto-updating accounts aren’t allowed.


Bummer…It’ll either be that or the server load that’ll make it go. However, I’ve seen multiple accounts still existing which are autofeeds…so my main concern would be the load on their server :/


At this stage they got bigger issues with the Britney spam bot that keeps adding people. Im sure you have seen it following you with about 10% of your followers accounts being it. Btw where is this rule, I couldn’t find it.


@Jinx: Take a look at this webpage:
Go down to The Bot:
“Robotic Twitter accounts should live in fear of death by the powers that be at Twitter. If you’re not human and you’re configured to automatically tweet, reply, and retweet based on Twitter content or RSS feeds then you could be in danger.

The rules express a clear preference for the human touch when it comes to Twitter updates, stating that you could be in violation of the TOS and subject to termination, “if your updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates.”

This is an area where there might some push back by Twitterers, as some of us use bots for practical purposes. IMDb’s Twitter account, which has more than 45k followers, is guilty of bot-like behavior, posting auto-updates from the movie database and auto-replying and DMing to Twitter inquiries, but it’s obviously well-received by followers. We’re hoping Twitter will use discretion here to separate out the good bots from the bad ones (like these guys).”


i want that tweet-bird.