Finally good to hear from Will Wright after a few months of silence!  News broke out this past week that Will is currently working on a toy for (or what I believe to be) his first Stupid Fun Club project.  5 hints were dropped with no more explanation… What kind of toy could it be, I have no idea!

We’re still left in mystery wondering what it could be from a brand new interview published by Gamesbeat today…But regardless, Will did mention many other things – while this is his first project he’s announced, there are a total of 3 that are still being worked on…

VB: How big are you guys getting at Stupid Fun Club?WW: We are very small and will stay small. We are 12 people right now. I don’t ever want it to go above 30. We looking to partners to help develop games. We want to be more of an early design shop, doing research and development.

VB: What are some examples of things you like now that point in this direction of a new kind of entertainment? I’ve mentioned Webkinz. What appeals to you?

WW: It’s interesting to look at media. I have my Tivo at home. I have my Amazon account. I download video on demand. At the same time, there are all of these huge interesting web communities forming around traditional properties. I am interested in the online communities around popular TV shows. The stuff the participants are doing are very extraordinary. The community around The Lost show on TV is one of my favorites. It’s awe inspiring.

VB: How many projects will you do?WW: Right now we have three we are pursuing three pretty aggressively. We might get up to four or five. I want to stay pretty focused. We have a lot of ideas that we want to do. But it’s just three now.

check out the full interview with Will Wright at GamesBeat