SFX360 – Spore Hero Arena preview


Outside of the arena is the expansive adventure game that tracks the progress of the main storyline, offering a handful of different modes for you to practice before moving your skills to the ring. There’s a two-versus-two “Capture the Egg” variation of Capture the Flag, “King of the Planet”, a multi-round fight for dominancy; “Hoard and Hatch,” where you grab and shield eggs from your opponents; and much more where that came from. You kids with your multiplayer obsessions can cool your jets, as there are a good few friendly competitions in which to pit your creatures. If you’re awesome enough to have as many as three other friends who own the game, you can engage in four-player local cart action. If you’re not so lucky, no worries: there’s also a two-player WiFi option so opportunities here are vast.

SFX360 – Spore Hero Arena for DS preview


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