No doubts about it, the 2005 Spore video was implemented into everyone’s mind.  But what we saw, we did not get.  You could argue it was for the best or for the worst.  Either way, we should enjoy what we have and hope that things will change for the best in the sequel.  ConnorJack wrote another editorial discussing the Cute vs. Scientific aspect of the game (the design, anyhow), describing how Maxis broke off into two teams to see how they could challenge each other and try to merge the two.

Spore is meant to be a scientific game. It follows a “simified” version of evolution, where the player interacts in the chain before moving out and taking control of groups. Spore has, however, received controversy from the scientific community regarding it’s accuracy. The educational community has take an interest in using Spore, and other sim games, to produce a fun and “overall” look at biology and evolution.

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