Of course, it had to start in typical Will Wright style — quirky, unpredictable, and sometimes deafening in intellectual/pseudo-intellectual depth — by focusing not on a game or a toy or a theory, but on a cat.

Yes, it was Will’s own kitty, Aragon, who dominated the introduction to his future vision of entertainment. And for good reason: Wright’s point with showing off pics of Aragon were not so much to convince us that Aragon was cute, or more or less cuter than any other kitty, but that certain cat traits and ways of photographing cats that accentuate those traits act on our perceptions and result in the conclusion that kitty A, B, or C is the prettiest of the bunch –- “it’s not that Aragon is cute, it’s the picture that is cute.”

Must find picture of Aragon…wonder if Will submits any content to ICanHasCheezburger…must resist urge…too much cuteness at site….

The following article (taken from his speech at Siggraph 2009) can be read in it’s entirely over at Virtual World News