MaxisCactus has posted another helpful thread over at the Sporum regarding the Adventure Filter cheats that was a new feature included with Spore Galactic Adventures.  She guides you how to give your adventure that special look!

You may have already played around with the styleFilter cheats in Spore, but you’ll need to use the adventureLook cheat to change the look of your Galactic Adventure.

Your filter changes will be saved and published with the adventure, so others playing it can see it just as you intended it to look!

Filter previews:

Easy steps to applying an Adventure filter:
1. Open your adventure in edit mode
2. Open the cheat console by pressing CTRL SHFT C
3. Type in adventureLook followed by a filtername (listed below). I.E. for sepia, type in “adventureLook -sepia”
4. Check it out in play mode, and if you like it, save and publish.

Filters available

To reference the filter list in your game, type “help adventureLook” into the cheat console to list all filters.

MaxisCactus’ Tip: Don’t use the styleFilter cheat when in adventure mode. It won’t work and the adventure may break.