Want a plumbob (or plumb-bob for those who perfer that spelling) to carry over your head to show your mood?  Now you can easily make one thanks to Killero94 from Deviantart!  The artist created a template in which you can print out for yourself, cut and fold into a papercraft plumbob.  You can pick from a green or red version – and with a paint program you can create your own colors.  😛

Since I’m *looks over shoulder* at work on break, I spent a few minutes constructing one.  Keep in mind that you will want to use hardstock paper, glue (or better quality tape), and most importantly – take your time – when you go about making one.  Otherwise you may end up with a poor attempt like mine below!

My awesome crappy Plumbob

Plumbob Templates

The Sims Plumbob Papercraft by ~killero94 on deviantART

The Sims Red Plumbob by ~killero94 on deviantART

Thanks to both SimsFanZone and SimsGalore for the find!

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hahah very good lol..i couldnt make mine Stupid printer has no ink =( so it came out in a weird greeny yellow colour 😛


oh my god! i need thicker paper and tape and such!!!

if my family find out i found this on ur site theyd prolly come for your head lol hehehehehehe


I made one out of bright green poster board. Went to Kinkos & had them blow up your pattern 300%…then attached it to a sturdy headband & wrapped the headband in black ducktape…turned out “awesome” Thanks!!


this is so easy to make 😀


is there color yellow?