Retail store JC Penny teamed up with EA to bring forth their Schooled in Style Teen Clothing Pack to use in The Sims 3!  You can download this pack which features 10 new clothing (shirts, dresses, pants and jacket) free from the Sims 3 Store!

Get schooled in style at JCP Teen where you’ll find an amazing selection of cool denim and the latest trends from your favorite brands, like Decree, ARIZONA®, Third Rail™ and more. Take your Sims back to school in the hottest fashions and be the talk of the hallways. Download JCP Teen inspired outfits for your Sims now!


  1. If you’re from a country rather than the US, you will need to change your country to English > US in order to download these. I had to do this as I’m from the UK and I got a 404 error page.

  2. You can download these items again!

    1. How to download JCP Teen set (step by step)?

    STEP 1. You must change language of the page to US because it does not even show in other countries pages.

    STEP 2. Click DOWNLOAD button.

    STEP 3. You must zoom out yours page (CTRL + Mouse Scroll feature) until you can see the table of download in the edge of the right corner (thanks to guddy06 and Alexurt).

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