Wow…This is amazing!  Yeah, I’m sure you’re familiar with the news that broke earlier today of The Sims 2 University Life Collection.  Sure, you probably have the expansion pack and the stuff packs…But this is a must buy.  EA/Maxis knows that I love the Sims series – and for that, they took the time to create a Sim version of myself to include with the game.  Thanks guys, I’m very flattered!*

* By no means is this real, I’m just yanking your chain 😉  Howeve, the screens below are the real deal 😀

screenshot_19_big screenshot_18_big screenshot_17_big screenshot_16_big screenshot_15_big screenshot_14_big screenshot_13_big screenshot_12_big screenshot_11_big screenshot_10_big screenshot_9_big screenshot_8_big screenshot_7_big screenshot_6_big screenshot_5_big screenshot_4_big screenshot_3_big screenshot_2_big screenshot_1_big