Delphy seems as if he doesn’t ever sleep.  He’s been cranking out programs at a faster rate than Madonna can adopt children (drums *bada boom tish*).  His latest tool, which is in beta – BETA gives the content creators the ability to edit textures for Sim’s clothing.

Delphy’s CAS Texture Unitool
Source: ModTheSims
Copyright: Delphy

The CAS Texture Unitool (hereafter referred to as CTU), is a tool to basically allow you to edit the CAS Part files that control which textures appear on which meshes. Using this tool, you may add new textures that appear in CAS for a specific mesh. You may also edit the pattern cutouts for those textures, the specular, the base colours, and pretty much everything possible thats available in the file.

Tutorial can be found here.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to my friend Petreak for informing me of this new program!