Yes, the moment many of us have been waiting for – a patch for our game!  It may not fix everyone’s problems, but they did manage to cover the basic ones.  Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Addresses some issues with Speed 2 and 3 moving too slowly. Some machines will have better results when using Speed 2 and 3 now.
  • Fix to story progression on/off selection toggle.
  • Fix for a possible crash with audio code.
  • Fix for babysitter routing off lots with babies.
  • Addresses some issues with Vsync and refresh rate problems.
  • Addresses some issues with DVD authentication errors and drive compatibility on startup.
  • This update deals with some issues on Mac systems that can crash the game while connecting to AFP servers.
  • Fix for a freeze that can occur when Sims attempt to clean out bad food from the fridge.

To grab this patch, you can open up your game launcher and it’ll automatically prompt you to update. Or you can visit our Sims 3 Patches section and download a zip file to install it manually (thanks to The Sims Slovenija for providing this!)


  1. My game stopped working after I installed this patch. After the intro when you load it up, you get the loading screen with a blue background and it says at the bottom “reticulating 4-D…” etc. Well my game turns off and goes to windows at that point! I may have to reinstall!

  2. Hey, downloaded it and got a “wrong region blah blah blah” msg. Figured out my downloaded version is 0001 not 0002, so this only updates from 631.0002 to 632.0002…can anyone lead me in the direction of an update from 0001 to 0002? I would download a whole other (newer) copy if I wasn’t in the middle of a legacy, maybe I will later if there’s no fix for this. Any help appreciated.

  3. Never mind! Someone on the Sims 3 forum was really on the ball and listed patches (and direct links to downloads) for all the different versions! Just wish I could fake-register my game so I could thank them : P

  4. Are you using the retail version of the game? Mods or un-official patches? No-CD crack? All these can attribute to why you are getting that error.

  5. Hey there! I’ve changed SKU value into 2 and the patch finally started to install. However, after couple of seconds it gives error which says catastrophic error and opens in IE. When I click retry it says insert the correct disc and the deafult path is Temp\{B405E750-6823-459A-9206-6195E1F753DF}\Disk1\

    Can someone help? Please????

    • You best bet would be to head on over to the official forums in the Technical Discussions to get an answer from the Gurus. I’m no expert when it comes to troubleshooting patches.. 🙁

  6. The thing is I use pirate version since the official one is not available in here yet. So I cannot register to forums 🙁

    • Ah. Well that may be the problem. Considering that the patch modifies the core .exe file needed to run the game, it picks up that it has been edited (as the cracked exe was) thus likely spitting out the error. Of course, this is my speculation – I can’t say this is the exact cause, but generally more problems arise when trying to patch an illegal copy of the game.

  7. Then I guess I have to wait untill the original game comes here. The only thing that’s bugging me is that fast forwarding

  8. Gina, please told me which The sims 3 forum you mention about?
    I just search many forum now but not find it yet.
    Please put that forum link in here for all of us to solve problem as well.

  9. im sorry what what did vary mean

    goto run>regedit
    double click SKU
    Change the value data with 2

    im lost

  10. I just need to get the speed to work. i cant enjoy the game if it moves this slow. can someone help me please patch this pirated version.

  11. hello! i try to fix that, wich way you do, but i cant find the SKU value in the REGEDIT.
    i put run>regedit
    open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\Sims\The Sims 3, but when i click on the sims 3, the SKU value is isnt there?! the only thing wich appear is the key indefined. =S
    can you help me?

  12. I downloaded the retail version here, after that i have now the version 1.0.631.0002 then i try to install update 1.0.631.00003 to be able to install updated patch (example:1.0.631.0002> 1.0.631.00003> 1.0.631.00004 and so forth) until i reach the latest patch, but installers said “The update requires a different game region in order to installed” i am aware about changing the SKU in reg edit by the valeu of two, and also about removing temporarily the mods folder and resource.cfg in Sims 3 folder at program files when installing the patch, but still i cannot install the patch as i said, should i download anywhere sims 3 for diffrent region to be able to install the patch update? i hopre anyone colud help me..

  13. i bought the sims 3 world adventure on amazon, didn’t realize it’s the asian-pacific edition until i got it, i bought my laptop in england. and now when i inserted the disc, it wouldnt even play, no new dvdrom found in my computer, what should i do???

  14. If you have 1.0.631.00003 and need to update to Sims3_1.2.7.00003~

    If you have 1.0.631.00005 and need to update to Sims3_1.2.7.00005~

    If you have 1.0.631.00007 and need to update to Sims3_1.2.7.00007~

  15. after i updated my game to fix the “story progression” problem, my game stopped working. but its different from what you guys have been talking about. when i want to change my active household, i choose the family and click select but then it doesnt load. it just stays on the neighborhood. i can move my mouse around and hear the neighborhood sounds but i cant do anything else. its very frustrating. it happened right after i updated and now i wish i hadnt done that and just stayed with story progression on. has anyone else had this problem? i know some other people with the same one but they say that EA doesnt have a solution for it yet. Please help if you can!

  16. My sims 3 files are not in the default position which is C drive but in E Drive and when install the patch it is trying to install it in the C drive so it always comes up with ‘files not found’ what do i do?


  17. for wrong region
    goto run>regedit
    double click SKU
    Change the value data with 2

    after that, open or launch the sims 3 and it will automatically updating to the newest one..i tried this one already and it works. Now my the sims 3’s version is

    try it..gbu 🙂

  18. my fast forward on my sims3 isnt like working. i cant fast forward anything so she is always doing eveything slow. like when she is sleeping i cant fast forward, it makes me mad

  19. hi, i feel everyone’s pain.
    I recently attempted to update my sims 3 world adventures but it has failed. it kept coming up with error 2/3 of the way though installation…then finally it worked a few days later onyl to come up with another error at the end of installation, stating that my sims 3 base game is incompatible with my current expansion pk. I also asks that i update my game on via the game launcher-but when i close the box, i cannot click on the game launcher a all. my game seems completely f**ked up, why does EA put us through this crap after we pay so much for the bloody games in the first place?

    p.s i have legal offical copies of the base game and expansion pk so it SHOULD work.

  20. Hi, I updated with the patch 1.7 and my game wouldn’t work. I agree with Emma. Why pay so much for the games if you keep having hassles? On my game launcher it tells me that my game is up to date, but it is clearly not. Where can I get the OFFICIAL patches for my game? My second problem is, I bought the WA EP and once I loaded that, my original game began to ‘stutter’ on the music and loading. Why is this and how can I fix the bloody thing?

    • Let’s see…I believe the latest patch is 1.8 (Base game) and 2.3 (World Adventures). Official patches can be downloaded in the patches section of the Sims 3 category. However be warned, they are pretty much buggy – for official patches its probably some of the most buggiest work I have seen.

  21. Thanks for that Judhudson. Is it necessary for me to load patches on if my base game is working properly? Also, when I try to load on some customer content, it will tell me that my game needs an upgraded version. Are these the patches?

    • Custom Content does require an updated game. Problem is these patches are so undependable I can’t say for sure if it’ll fix the game or just cause you problems. If it is working and you can live without custom content, I’d probably keep the game as is. But sooner or later it’ll have to be updated.

  22. Hi guys i downloaded the illegal game copy and i need some help in updating it (& if you care so much about whether it’s illegal or not DONT BOTHER COMMENTING). Anyways, this question is for the ppl who have the illegal copy of the game. I downloaded patchlogviewer from modthesims & it isn’t identifying the invalid files that stop the patch installation. (i’m trying to install the retail patch) Can anybody who has the illegal game please tell me how they got patches onto their game. I would strongly appreciate it thanks a billion 🙂

    • More than likely the patchlogviewer will not work because it detects your copy as a fake, so it won’t run properly. I don’t know what version your copy is but if it is something like 1.0.615 then you cannot use any of the official patches to upgrade your game as EA made sure it would load them.

  23. Hi… I have instaled the sims 3 world adventours. At first it seems fine, but at certain time apears something saying that it´s not possible to see if I am using the original cd, and I can´t play. Does anyone know what can I do?

    • That version is the leaked copy, there is no official update patch to bring it up-to-date. I don’t have a clue when it comes to troubleshooting un-supported versions, so I can’t really help you on that.

  24. I have read all the comments and finally came to a solution but i need someone to help me instead. I used the patchlogviewer and found that the error file is
    [ Applying DFC Update for ‘Game\Bin\HelpPages\CZE_CZ\Help_Updates.html’ ] and when i try to fix and put a new one from cd it still comes up to an error… I need someone to send me ths file if he has the official game cd! I would be very glad if someone could do it… Judhdson please how can we communicate??

  25. I have had major issue since the latest patch, the 1.10. I have the legit digital download versions of the base game and the expansion. I worked back and forth with ea tech support and they game me nothing but a run around. In order for me to use my game and the items i legitimately purchased from the ea store i need to get my game to the version. After manually uninstalling and reinstalling the base game I am at version 1.0.631.00107. I have found alot of patch ugrades but nothing from this version. Can anyone help me get to at least version 1.0.631.0002 so that I can update my game?

  26. Okay I am having problem for strange reason only the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE is showing but the rest that you posted aren’t showing so can I get some assistance here?

  27. Ok i have the real version of SIMS 3 (bought in the US) and sims 3 world adventures (bought in the UK). Sims3 installed fine but i also got the region error… I tried the whole “regedit” thing, except i cant find SKU!!!! Some other things come up, but nothing calle SKU. Please help!!!

  28. Oh and also i installed previously a UK version of the sims 3 design&high tech stuff…. That worked without an isssue.

  29. My problem is, my launcher opens but no button works there and he says my base game is incompatible with the expansion pack. The problem is: i have buy the sims 3 and the expansion pack together, of the same region.
    What’s wrong?

    • Your base Sims 3 game needs to be updated and it appears you’ve only downloaded the update for your expansion. So check out the updates for the base game and look in your launcher to see what version your base game is then update from there 🙂

  30. I installed this update (and I bought the game legally) but when I start the sims launcher, it says that there is an error and to see the log, then closes and won’t let me do anything. I have no idea what to do!

  31. I just tried downloading the Sims 3 World Adventures. I legally bought both Sims 3 and Sims 3 World Adventures. First, it said my game needed to updated, so updated the game. And now its saying my version of Sims 3 is incompatible with the data…would do I do now?

  32. i have the same problem with dave! I installed the patch just now and my game isnt working what to do! do we have to reinstall?

  33. Hello o: i by accidently updated my sims 3 world adventures game instead of my Sims 3 game now it doesnt let me try to update my sims 3 game on the sims 3 launcher what should i do?

  34. hii.
    ive had the sims 3 for a good few months now and i havent played on it more than an hour, ive installed it and reinstalled it loads of times.. and downloaded patches but the fast forward button is STILL not working.. speeds 2, 3 and 4 are the same which are only a little bit faster than normal game mode speed. i am on version please help!

  35. hey
    could you guys please help me??
    i have a problem in updating my sims 3. [It’s a pirated version] and it pop up a menu that says: The setup has detected that no version of The Sims?3 is installed.
    This update requires that a previous version of the application be installed. Could any one help me with this??

  36. Hi,
    I had the same problem with the regional code, legit copy, but I didn’t have the SKU file where I was looking.

    I had to go to HKU_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE and then
    The Sims3
    SKU (Double click)

    And then change my regional code:

    1 = US
    2 = UK
    7 = Asian

    I’m guessing this is something to do with VISTA.
    Hope that helps 🙂

  37. I got the same problem as Nero, i got a copy of sim 3 version 1.0.615.00107 then i downloaded RELOADED TO RAZOR. so now it’s 1.0.631.00002 but then i can’t go any further than this.
    ..The setup has detected that no version of The Sims every single time i patch.
    i got no idea what to do… help??

  38. I also got the problem of no version of sim 3 is installed. I wonder that who has just the file but not installer of the patch.I want the for world adventures and for sim 3. who can post in here thx!!!

  39. Mine just says i dont have enough sspace on my computer so i deleted stuff and its still not working…….also on my laptop it says an error has occured and you were on somethign at the same time i was on nothing i wanna just send the game back!!!!!!! idk what to do???? Have any suggestionsss:) That would be great!

  40. hey there so one of my friend have problem installing the march collection 2011 stuff from EA to her game,,, it show’s that it’s successfully installed ,, however the item couldn’t be found anywhere in the game

    She told me her game was only a base game and when she tried to updated her patch it says error.. does anyone know why this happen and how to fix it??

    it would be nice if anyone answer,,, thankyou

  41. I have questions so i have hard time to update my games, so i heard that a lot people have same problem so i download a files from sims3 web, after i installed the files, my game launcher still showing the old version: 8.0152.011001. so im not sure if i really did update.
    and after i put my new generation cd, it shows “No game disk found. Please insert The Sims 3 Generations disk.
    I cleaned my cd many times and still not working, and my macbook pro is pretty new so my computer should be good enough to play this game…

  42. and sometime when i restart my computer it shows application startup failed unable to cope file/application/the sims3.locallized/the sims3app/contents/resources/addons/the sims3 to/users…..

  43. Simthirsty3play:

    Hi guys i downloaded the illegal game copy and i need some help in updating it (& if you care so much about whether it’s illegal or not DONT BOTHER COMMENTING). Anyways, this question is for the ppl who have the illegal copy of the game. I downloaded patchlogviewer from modthesims & it isn’t identifying the invalid files that stop the patch installation. (i’m trying to install the retail patch) Can anybody who has the illegal game please tell me how they got patches onto their game. I would strongly appreciate it thanks a billion

    u sir are stupid for posting that on here

  44. I have tried three times to update my game (partly so I can try the world maker, which will only apparently work if I update the game)
    Everything is fine and dandy until the patch reaches 100%, then the whole process starts again and I am back to square one, and because I am lazy and I would rather not waist 647 MB quota time I tried to download, I gave up.
    But I am still wondering what happened, and if there is a way to dowload the patch without it trying to waist my bandwitch and not even get anything from it in the process.
    I own a legit (downloaded from Origin/EA download manager) copy, and If I have to download the base game again just so I can get the patch, I just will not.

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