It’s time to get ready to pump up for Spore’s first expansion pack, Spore Galactic Adventures!  I’m getting excited thinking about it…Only two weeks away!  Us fellow Spore fans aren’t the only ones though…Maxis is too!  In fact, they’ve revamped part of the Spore website and brought forth a number of new features and much needed changes and improvements!

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MaxisCactus posted notes of what features that have been added:

My Spore Page

  • Redesigned page
  • Spore Tab to better showcase all of your creations and gameplay achievements in your Spore game. See what your buddies have been doing in Spore
  • Galactic Adventures Tab to showcase your Captains, Adventures you’ve played and created, adventures your buddies are playing, trophies you’ve earned from playing adventures, Sporepoints you’ve earned by playing, creating, and participating in the Galactic Adventures community
  • Featured Adventures
  • Enhanced public profile view so other users can really see all that you’ve created and achieved
  • Changing your avatar is now on our settings page


  • Adventures added to Sporepedia, leaderboards and creator lineage on card
  • Captain Creatures added to Sporepedia, captain’s stats and parts visible
  • Adventures and Captains added to Search
  • Creation Subtype search
  • Captain Creature Subtype in search
  • Adventure Genre Subtypes in search
  • Creation type icons on the small cards to more easily identify the type at a glance
  • Download it button: another way to get creations into your game, simply click “download it” and next time you start your game and login, the creation will be downloaded.*

*The Download Now feature is not yet complete. Clicking the button now won’t hurt anything, but you’ll have to wait until later this month before the feature is ready to use.

Ohhhh…taking a cue from the Sims 3 website and implemented a feature to easily download creations into the game…Nice, I like that!

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