Sporedum: Uber Creation Contest Post

Well we have finally come to the crunch time in the competition. The Judges have selected there top 10 in each category and now it is time for you to vote for the most Uber Creation of all!

Now that the Poll cheating bug has been fixed, we felt that it would be best to host the voting here on the Sporums.

Over the next 12 days, we will post up 4 competitions, each running for 3 days on the 4 areas: Creature, Vehicles, Buildings and Spaceships. You will only be able to vote for each category during the 3 days, as we will change the sticky around to the new competition and the poll will end.

The creator of the creation which gets the most votes will receive a free copy of Galactic Adventures.

First up are creatures.

Judges Award for Best Creature!

1. Sigma Alien B By masscolder

2. Waddup Dawg By Molotovcoketail

3. Uni’ Gen By G3NJI

4. Aaren Usurer By Confucius08

5. EON-Organic By ShardsOfRain

6. Rapunzel By Auraa

7. EON-8 By Fotosynthesis

8. UBD_Deadite By Hydro_Glyph

9. Botanican Zoologist By LuminaNightshade

10. Bob the Space Warrior By Doomnova

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