Eurogamer managed to spend some time with Spore Galactic Adventures and shares their thoughts of the newest expansion pack:

So far so normal. But where it heads into more interesting terrain is how it integrates into the create-and-share bits of Spore’s design. As well as a mass of Maxis-created missions, the game ships with an actual adventure creator, so players can make their own. These are, like Spore’s other content, shared with everyone else who’s playing the game. After you play each mission, you get a chance to rate it, and that feeds back into who gets to play the mission some more – as well as showing a leaderboard for the mission.

Linking back to what I said earlier, where this is interesting is that it takes what was creation-for-creation’s-sake and turns it into creation-for-a-reason. In other words, before, that guy who spent all that time making a building look like a chair was just showing off. Now, he’s a source of props for everyone who wants to make a mission featuring a chair. Spore, as a game, decided that it wanted to be about people’s creative urges, but not their scientific engineering urge. And the ability to actually use that creative stuff to make your own mini-games gives Spore something analogous to a real endgame. The point of making an alien that looks like a Dalek is that you want an alien that looks like a Dalek for a level.

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