Steve from TSR has posted in the site blog of their side of the story in which they cover the accusations, lies and bullying throughout the community.  They debunk many myths and cover discussed topics of paysites being illegal, sharing paypal information, trojans in their downloads, attacking other sites as well as the in-bed relationship with EA.

Quite frankly, I wish this whole mess never happened.  I don’t know whether to believe MTS2 or TSR…in the digital age, it’s very hard to believe anyone, as it is so simple to spread or create information – whether it’s true or not.

I just wish that The Sims 3 will take a different route and start fresh…I don’t know what can be done.  I suppose if paysites really want to be stopped with selling custom content, hopefully whomever creates the next SimPE or modding tool will have agreements tied to the program to not sell content created by those programs…and embed some sort of code to let users know it’s a file that’s been modified with such said program.  We all know EA/Maxis isn’t going to do anything.

Read Steve’s post – TSR: Accusations, Lies, Bullying?

Thanks to Hiki’s Sims 3 newsblog for the information!