Update 4/10/09 – Somebody captured a picture from a billboard that was being put up on the side of the building.  Thanks to Hiki’s Sims 3 Newsblog for finding it!


Update 4/10/09 – Ads, ads everywhere!!  Have you came across a billboard or a poster yet?  The Sims 3 Facebook site has added many more pictures of various ads throughout the US.  Have a go and guess what cities they are in!

Update 4/5/09 – The Sims 3 is taking over New York Times Square!  It’s under attack with all of these ads, found by Hiki’s Sims 3 Blog!

sims3billboardnyc2 sims3billboardnyc1

Update 4/2/09 – Another ad appears, this time on the side of a building at nighttime.  Special thanks to Hiki’s Sims 3 Blog for finding this pic!

Peter (The Sid Dog) snapped a picture of the first billboard avertisement for The Sims 3 in San Fransisco near the Bay Bridge.  I think this means more will pop up in other locations soon!  I wonder if they plan on going crazy with the ads like they did for Spore…