IGN was invited to check out Spore Galactic Adventures yesterday.  There impressions – it’s turned out to be a blast!  A lot has been polished since they saw it in January, and with 2 more months…it’s shaping up to be an incredible pack.  Visit their site to see what they have to say and check out the 4 new pictures they posted!

There are various shortcuts and clues that can aid you if you’re paying attention, as well as power-ups such as speed boosts that can give you an edge. You just basically have to think on your feet and try and figure out the shortest route or get the fastest time. The thing is, since this is Spore, your scores can be compared against the online leaderboard, so you’re basically competing against everyone else on the planet playing that adventure.

Finally, we got a look at the adventure editor, which is a lot more polished now than when we last saw it in January. The thing to note is that this is the same tool that Maxis uses to build its own adventures, so you’ll have as much power and control as the game’s creators. With that said, the editor is presented in a way that’s as simple-to-use as the other editors. There’s also layers of complexity built in, so everyone could make a simple adventure quickly, but if you want to fine-tune the behaviors of the creatures, you have the ability to dig a bit deeper into the tools to give you control over their AI. Not everyone will bother, but as Spore has shown, all you need is a talented minority to produce quality content and you’ll have no shortage of cool new stuff.

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