Leave it to the creative modders to fulfill players wishes.  We already know that at this time, Maxis has no plans for us to play as an epic.  Luckily, NineBallFool has stepped up to the plate to create a mod in which will turn your creature into an epic!  Here’s what NineBall had to say about the mod:


1.) Your creature will start with 1,000 healthpoints and could go as high as 5,000 healthpoints (formula=base healthpoints multiplied by 100)

2.) Your creature’s damage is how can i say pretty much “one hit kill” (except against other epics and rogues)

3.) your creature will have the epic stomp, strike and spit attack animations and sounds (to get the stomp/strike animation…click the strike icon…it is random….your creature will either strike the opponent or stomp him with his foot…spit animation by clicking the spit icon)

4.) your creature will have all the sounds of an epic……foot steps….screaming

5.) the screen will shake as you walk…just like when the epics are nearby

6.) no hunger drain

7.) i lowered the amount of nest members to 1….a few show up sometimes….but they disappear…if you cannot find one….click the mate icon and one will appear

8.) i increased the viewing distance…so you can see things farther away (this may depend on the quality of your video card….it works for me)

this mod has been tested in easy,normal and hard difficulties 5 times each…i have saved and reloaded the game numerous times…i have had no issues

i tested this mod without any other mods installed….this mod is incompatible with any mod that changes the creature stage

i tested this mod using new creatures and a couple of Maxis creatures….no issues….

Very cool!  I spent some time with my Mini Luke Duke creature…although he’s so tiny to begin with, he didn’t make for an exciting epic!  Thanks to Sporedum for the news!

Download here – registration may be required!