Besides the Spore Galactic Adventures Community Interview, Maxis has also created a small flash-based application in which it will let you preview the Captains of Galactic Adventures in 3D.  You can only rotate them left and right, and zooming is not an option.  It also may take some time to load each one…I had my browser freeze up on the 4th Captain, so hopefully you will have better luck!

In Spore™ Galactic Adventures, now you can get out of your starship and turn your Spore creatures into legendary Space Captains.

Prepare your Captain for infinite adventures across the galaxy, from battling epic monsters in intergalactic arenas to intense planetside races and much more. In each mission, earn experience to rank up your Captain and gain game-changing items and accessories.

Suit up your Captain with over 30 new items, from the Plasma Pulser to the Swarm Magnet. Share your exploits online, as your Creature Card shows your accomplishments, rank, and medals earned.

Every thrilling adventure is just one more opportunity to prove there has never been a greater Captain!