SimCity. Needs. Zombies.I enjoy the Zombie genre.  Resident Evil, Dead Rising, George A. Romero’s films, Left 4 Dead…even the zombies from the Sims series.  I just can’t get enough of them!  Put them in other games, and what would you get?  Well, IGN went with that idea and came up with 10 games that Zombies should star in.

One of those games is SimCity.  With disasters such as fires, earthquakes, tornados, ufo and even robot attacks, where is the love for a zombie infestation!?  We could have a viral outbreak to where we would have to plant and manage the police/fire stations as well as manage a the scientific building’s funds for a cure.  It would be an interesting thing to watch played out.

Speaking of this, it reminds me of Bil Simser.  If you’ve been in the community ever since the starting days of the original “The Sims”, this name will ring a bell.  Well, he was given the “Edith” program that Maxis used to program the behaviors and interactions between Sims and objects.  One of his ideas was to create a mini-game of a zombie outbreak and your sim characters were equipped with a shotgun to fend for themselves.  It never made it to reality though 🙁