The joys of the video gaming industries…so many to list.  Delayed release dates though is not one of them.  In fact, it’s a pain in the rear.  Sim fans went thru the stress with The Sims 3 being delayed from Feb. 20th until June 2.  Now, Spore Galactic Adventures is going that route (although I do have to state, there was no official release date to begin with, and still isn’t).

Galactic Adventures was set to be released on March 17 according to whomever gave EB Games/Gamestop the list of upcoming EA games (usually it’s an EA PR person).  Well, videos and interviews suggested it was to come out in spring – with an estimated date of May 20.

That release date seems to have been changed once again, with now an estimated release of sometime in June (June 15th) according to EB Games.  However, I don’t even think they know, because of what is posted below on the Spore Galactic Adventures pre-order page:

Pre-order Spore Galactic Adventures by June 22nd at 11am CST with overnight shipping and get guaranteed delivery on the street date of June 23rd! If your product does not arrive on the street date, we will fully refund your shipping charge! Continental United States only. Must have Overnight Service available in your area. Offer void if you are unable to accept a delivery that was attempted. Not responsible for orders delayed due to incorrect address, credit card information, inclement weather or official date changes.

What gives here?  June 15th, June 23?  I give up!  I just wished it would be in May, as my wallet is already sucked dry with The Sims 3 as well as the release of Ghostbusters: The Videogame and the two Ghostbuster films on Blu-Ray!

Thanks to Courtney M for the information!