EA has launched their new website, and amongst the new design, they have also added the Soundtrack for The Sims 3.  Head on over to EA Trax and listen to the 15 tracks they have available!  Here’s the list of what they are:

  1. Sims 3 Theme
  2. Simmering Mallets
  3. Consumerism Simplified
  4. Versimilitude
  5. Simple Assembly
  6. Aisles of Miles of Smiles
  7. Identity Check
  8. Simple Directions
  9. Let’s Assimilate
  10. Don’t be Parsimonious
  11. Constructive Simicism
  12. Maps & Simbols
  13. Amazing Facsimile
  14. Striking Similarities
  15. Cartographer’s Simphony

Listen now!

For those who want to download the MP3’s for off-line or to put in your Sims 2 games, then head on over to SimOperations to download them, thanks Jack!