I’d figure EA would let MySims Party enjoy it’s time of fame, but nooooo, they have already released the first ever MySims Racing screens, getting the MySims fans hyped up for the next installment in the series.  Thanks goes to SimsDomination for finding and posting them!

Wii Screens

MYSIMRwiiSCRNracesgopher MYSIMRwiiSCRNracehop MYSIMRwiiSCRNpowerupwatermeWM MYSIMRwiiSCRNfourplayercrescendo2 MYSIMRwiiSCRNfourplayerbayou1 MYSIMRwiiSCRNdriftchilly

DS Screens

MYSIMRndsSCRNtracksnow MYSIMRndsSCRNpowerupufo MYSIMRndsSCRNcustomization MYSIMRndsSCRNwinner