Computer and Video Games, or CVG for short interviewed the Sims 3 associate producer, MJ Chun.  In their newest interview, topics were brought up about how nasty your sims can get with traits, how important graphics are to the franchise, the creative risks, and even taking in the community’s feedback for fixing and polishing the game.  Here’s a portion of the interview:

The game was initially meant to release at the end of February before being pushed back to June. What will you be able to achieve in that extra time?

Chun: The extra time has been amazing. It’s the polish bugs, like it takes too long to reach the top of a particular career or little things like the hint that comes up telling you where to find a particular fish is completely wrong.

[Also] last minute changes to how you edit your town, and that came from custom content creation feedback, so we were like, ‘Ok, this flow doesn’t really work, well we could do this hacky thing but why don’t we just do it right,’ so it’s been really good.

The game is so huge that you don’t get to hit all of it until all of your systems are in, so we’ve been doing testing challenges that we wouldn’t have been able to do any sooner, like seeing how long you can keep your elder alive using life fruit, or the 28 Days Later challenge where you basically evict or kill everybody in town and see what happens to the town.

CVG:  How PC’s bestselling series is evolving, interview with MJ Chun of The Sims 3

…I’m totally going to bring my town to the point of destruction…I hope they have a hard-reset button for when I do!