Today marks the day that everybody should be playing The Sims 3 if it was released on schedule.  People on the Sims 2 BBS are calling this day ‘Delay Day’.  As I mentioned many times before, I for one am actually glad they delayed it.  I believe everyone should be, after all, we’ve heard countless times how buggy the game was from the Creator Camp attendees.

It makes it easier on all of us with the fact that they now have more time to find and correct these flaws.  After all, if it did make it’s original ship date, it’s very possible that the BBS and other sites would be flooded with gameplay issues!  Of course, I cannot deny the fact that there still may be bugs even when the game ships in June, but hopefully not as many!  What are your thoughts on today?  Are you glad, mad, celebrating or is it just another day?  😛