Thomas of PrimeTime Sims 2 emailed an intriging article of the 15 clearest Benefits of Gaming from Edge Online.  He made a valid point that The Sims has the potential to fall any many categories. In fact, here are his words:

The argument could be made that The Sims falls into many of those categories. You can learn empathy from either your Sims (although some of us aren’t that empathetic to them) and dealing with other members of the community. It certainly has a distraction factor. Gaming literacy/problem solving sure. Creativity defiantly. Social most defiantly. I never talked to anyone online or many people at all until The Sims. Now they can’t shut me up.

In fact…He’s absolutely right!  I too was the same way.  I met so many people thru the game’s lifespan of 8 years – going on 9 now!  Now only if it helped on my vocabulary and spelling, doh!  They should include a dictonary in The Sims 3 😛

article here