I have to give an A+ effort to the Spore Maxis developers.  If you haven’t been following their website closely, they have setup an area with Spore API Information and sample codes, as well as a Spore API forum.  In one of their forum threads, various users have stepped forth to show off their user-created apps and websites using the API.  The two apps that caught my eye are called Sporenament, a program that is setup putting one person’s creation against another in a tournament and Spore Badges, a website that will pull your latest achievements from your profile and proudly display them for a forum signature.

I’ll soon be adding links to these in our Spore programs section…Just have to make a quick trip out to Wal-Mart before I do.  But keep up the good work – both to the Spore Developers and to the creators of those cool programs! 😀