GamePlanet has published a new interview with Associate Producer Grant Rodiek on The Sims 3. Arrgghhh…why can’t they address the issue with DRM instead of waiting :/

GP: Our community will want to know what DRM measures you’ve included – will there be limited activations? Will an internet connection be compulsory?

Rodiek: We’re not talking about DRM specifically at this time. I can say that we’ve listened to our community, observed DRM from other games, and are working on making The Sims 3 the best experience possible for players.

GP: We’ve recently heard of the delay to the ship date, can you give us some idea as to why this has occurred?

Rodiek: The Sims 3 June launch gives more time for tuning and polish and the ability to launch the game on PC and Mac platforms simultaneously. This is a key EA franchise and title and it deserves a bigger bet on the best Sims game EA has made. These last few months will give us a little more time to tune, tweak, and polish the game. Our players have been waiting for something awesome and that’s exactly what we intend to give them.

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