Surely this game has already been previewed to death, but here’s one more coming from Total Video Games:

Modifying and pollinating a planet is one thing, but it’s far from the end story of what Galactic Adventures will be about; the clue is in the name after all.  Players will be able to craft an adventure across up to five acts (each with their own trigger conditions) leaving a lot of room for what’s looking like significant creativity.  Having dropped one of the creature actors onto the world from the Sporepedia – or just one of your own – the next step is to scale its size up or down, and apply various attributes from an ‘awareness radius’ that tells the creature when it can detect a player-controlled character, to giving it a voice with chatter text boxes.   The creatures can be told where to walk or how to act with the use of what’s so far looking like a fairly accessible collection of options, something that’s essential if EA is to succeed in making a springboard for further Spore success.  From there, players will then be able to add multiple goals that Spore Galactic Adventures gamers will have to fulfil in order to progress.  Like the rest of the Adventure creation tool, adding these goals is very intuitive, utilising a simple drag ‘n’ drop process.  Finally, like the creatures themselves in the original Spore, the adventure will be released to pollinate the game’s galaxy.