SimAnimals has just been released and appearing in the wild on store shelves. takes a moment to interview the Sam Player, the executive producer of SimAnimals.  In the interview, we get to know how Sam and his team operates, the game he is currently playing and even his favorite gaming console that got him interested in gaming!

What you do: I lead a team of extremely talented developers that creates games for various game platforms. I directly lead the design and production teams, along with the art director, and we are charged with setting the creative and visual direction for our titles. We work with our marketing partners to ensure that we are creating a game that our customers want, then we go out and present our work to media and retailers to get them informed about what we’ve created. And then we do it again!

Most recent game worked on: “SimAnimals” for Wii and DS. Before this project, I worked on a number of “The Sims 2″ Expansion Packs, including “The Sims 2: Pets,” “The Sims 2: Seasons” and “The Sims 2: Bon Voyage.”

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