The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp Mega Post

The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post

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This post is dedicated for the Sims 3 Creators Camp held at the EA/Maxis Studios in Redwood Shores, California.  The event takes place from January 12th thru January 16th and consists of various sim fansite owners as well as custom content creators.

The sites who are attending are:

The purpose of this thread is to contain all of the information that come from this event for Sim fans to be up-to-date on any of the latest information.  It can also be used by webmasters to help ease their work for searching for articles.

Keep checking this thread, as it should often be updated!  I’ll keep an update status below.  Make sure you click “Read the rest of this Entry” for the content!


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The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post

VRevis’ Blog – Sims 3 Creator’s Day 2 Pics

The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post

VRevis’ Blog – Sims 3 Creator’s Day 1 Pics

The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post The Sims 3 Creator's Camp Mega Post

More pictures at EdenStyle’s Facebook Fan Page


From 12 to 16 January 2009 at the headquarters of the company Electronic Arts in Redwood City is once again a celebration took place simów third-generation! This time the meeting under the name: The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp, zjechali authors of the best clothes, objects, houses, and simów films made in the game The Sims 2 from around the world. Poland was represented by the Paul ‘Tweety’ Szymankiewicz – Administrator Simów Center, founder of STV and the author of a number of films made through the game The Sims 2Paul was invited on The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp as Machinima artist – as the English can be translated as a film director. The five days which he spent in Redwood City so he had enough to create the heroes of the film, building their home, to become acquainted with the game, the development history and setting everything in one zgrabną whole. Long list of tasks and not much time. How it went and what new knowledge of the game? That you will be able to know from his articles, mini blog, and film material.

Centrum Show – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp articles, blogs, pics and more!

The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp ended one week ago, on January 16th, 2009. I was going to write several paragraphs on my time spent at the event, but decided to list the most memorable moments instead. Most of what I planned to write about was important to me: the people I met and the things we did, both at the studio and afterwards; however, I’m sure most of you want just the facts. So, here are my favorite parts of The Sims 3 and Creator’s Camp in clean bullet point format with a few scattered pictures and paragraphs.

TheSidDog – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp:  My Experience

  • Install Limits – what the devil is that all about?
  • Will Sims 3 ship with SecureRom?
  • Real World advertising in game
  • Sharing on – the Launcher
  • Sharing Sims 3 CC away from the Official Site
  • CC filesizes
  • Meshes & Mods in the Sims 3 – more headaches for Community Hackers and Designers
  • Technical specs – aka, will my computer run The Sims 3?
  • Parsimonious & Sims 3

Parsimonious covered much, much more visit their website to read the details!

Parsimonious – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp review

Game Aesthetics
The does look a lot nicer than Sims 2.  Although it still looks like a cartoon, there is more depth to both the Sims and the sets.  Here are some specific things I really thought were cool:

  • The greenery in the game look a lot more organic than in Sims 2. Shrubs automatically vary randomly in size as you place them for a more natural look. The coolest part of all though is that the tree leaves and plants are animated so that they look like they are subtly swaying in the breeze.
  • The lighting in the game is much different. Outdoors, the lighting changes throughout the day so that you’ll get the bright sunny lighting in the middle of the day but duller daylight earlier or later. There is also a subtle tint to the lighting during dawn and dusk. The interior lighting is much darker and the light floods through the windows. You can adjust the color and brightness of any lighting fixture to create any kind of mood.
  • The shadows in the game are much more realistic and I love that they move with the sun just like in real life.
  • The game face presets are much nicer and not as exaggerated as the Sims 2. Even your ugly Sims will at least look human.
  • The in-game clothing are very nice and realistic. There aren’t any really wacky outfits and the silhouettes are more modern and realistic.
  • The Sims have tongues when they open their mouths to talk. I always hated the way the tongues looked in MovieStorm but fear not, they look good and more realistic in Sims.
  • The Sims’ animations seem less exaggerated and cartoony than in the Sims 2. Their facial expressions in particular aren’t as bad but they still seem to suffer from windmill arms.
  • Their idle stand is a bit different than in Sims 2 and breathing less animated. I did notice that some other animations like reading a book are a lot less dumb looking. Their running animation looks a lot better too. I didn’t get a chance to play enough to see more animations in the game.
  • The social interactions and many of the animations in the game are pretty much the same as Sims 2, making gameplay very similar. But, there are new idle and social animations in the game associated with personality traits (over 50 of them).
  • Cars occasionally drive by your lot so the roads aren’t completely baron.
  • Townies wandering around your neighborhood don’t look as ridiculous as in Sims 2 because the face presets and clothing are more realistic. They don’t look bad in the background although they sometimes walk into your shots!

Decorgal – Sims 3 and Machinima

Another feature I absolutely adored (!) was the new Create A Sim! It’s quite fantastic! I have never really been a Sim creator. Most of the time, the sims I create look identical and I yawn in their presence! But now, there are so many options, it’s so easy to create a unique sim! But in saying that, there is a new feature (add a twin) which creates an exact replica of the previously created sim and pops them in the family! I did not use this feature, but I did create sims with the most wonderfully funny personalities! Now you are able to create a Sim as unique as you or I. You can even change their voice – my male sims could sound like PeeWee Herman or Barry White! They can now be fat (and there is the addition of a gender-specific body size – men gain weight around the middle, women around the hips and bottom (and they can be huge!!)). There is also a skin slider which makes selecting a more realistic skin tone easier which offers variations of the colours: normal, alien, blue and pink! The facial features too can be altered in many new ways and hair (though I did notice the lack of the fro, man – which I mentioned to the development team) is now separately colourable from roots to tips!

TSR – Padre333’s Blog – Custom Content Creator’s Camp

There is currently no stage tool and without the CFE cheat I would say that split level staircases are not yet possible.  There is also no ability to place staircases on a angle so diagonal stairs are out.  You can change stair direction just buy clicking and dragging the stairs although this is best used when placing stairs on terrain rather than between floors.  There are currently no shuttered windows in the game, window shutters are available as separate buyable objects.  The trashcan and mailbox can now be moved freely around the house and even recoloured however the door nearest to the mailbox will be treated as the main doorway and thumbnail that depicts your house will depend on the position of the mailbox.  There are no half walls in the game but there is a good range of new fences and even a nifty no maintenance hedge fence.  As you probably know, cars are included in the base game. Driveways are no longer tied to the road but can be placed anywhere at all on the lot.  There is no longer an animation for the car backing out onto the highway, it just ‘teleports’.  You can also start building with the auto roof tool already enabled although I personally wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you want roofs ending up in strange places!  There are also no pre-set dormer roofs.

TSR – Hatshepsut’s Blog – Summing it Up

The Sims Team showed us highlights of the week on big screens so we got a chance to better see what other creators had been working on, which was really interesting as creators from so many different countries had different styles of creating. We also got to watch the movies that the Machinema people had been working on all week, that was great fun and gave us all much needed laughs.

Then it was time for a little silliness, we were all given cookies and cupcakes to decorate, the creativity I saw was just unbelievable, mine was just SIMply embarrassing!

I did memorize the new cheats; and if you are all good little simmies I will post them just as soon as the game is released 🙂

We at Creator’s Camp told EA we hated not being able to build our own town, one town not being enough. On the last night there Ben Bell came out and told us he will release a developers tool a few days after game release and it will be available to download at the official site. Developers tools have never been released to players in the past.

SimCredible Designs – Creator’s Camp Day 5

We learned a lot more info about how the custom content works. The game tools are actually very powerful, all of the items you see in the base game are by the art team and content creators within EA. The base meshes are imported to the game a default blue, from what I understand. As I do not create meshes that information was a bit confusing to me. Some people have reported a way to change walls and floors, I do not believe that is true. Whenever I tried the ‘Create a Style’ on walls and floors I had an error message saying it could not be done. As of now there is no way to create new walls and floors, a great concern to me as a wall and floor creator. I’m hoping they will release a new program to allow this, or more likely EA will leave that to someone in the community to come up with. We did ask EA to allow us to have the walls and floors categorized by price, we will she if they listen.

SimCredible Designs – Creator’s Camp Day 4

Hair styles can be custom to each clothing category, we won’t have to wait for an EP to do that. Styles can also change when using the shower, so Sims with long hair can have it down while showering. Hair can be made to have different color layers, a base color, a roots color, a tips color and a highlights color. All with sliders to change the shade of each layer. Great news for facial details, it is on a whole new level. Eyebrow colors are independent of hair, as is facial hair. Eyelashes have a length slider which I just love. Freckles and beauty marks can also be custom colors. Makeup and face paint can be used in nearly every combinations you can think of. Shoes can be set to a different pair for any outfit, really a fantastic improvement!After you have finished creating your Sim you now have an option to “Create a Twin” or a copy, that will be useful in many ways and situations. Sim life spans can be adjusted on a slider, the default being a game of 95 days per Sim, but this can be anywhere between 25 and 1000, I really think we will like this slider.

Today I was interview by EA, which was rather interesting although I am not comfortable in front of the cameras. I much prefer to be behind the scenes. Some bits may or may not end up in world wide commercials for TS3

SimCredible Designs – Creator’s Camp Day 3

On Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009, we were back in the labs for most of the morning, then shortly after lunch, we were divided into two groups, and got to watch a voice session with Nicki Rapp. You know Nicki as the child’s voice from Sims 2, and she’s done voicework for MySims, as well. She is now recording for Sims 3.

I have known Nicki on myspace and we’ve been in touch for a little over a year, now, and so I was excited to see her in action. That voice is unmistakeable; the first time we heard her giggle into the mic, there was a collective chuckle in the room. She really talks like that! And she’s as bubbly and perky as she sounds. Toward the end of the session, they asked for any volunteers to step into the booth with her and try to record something in simlish. I was surprised that Nicki was able to see me and call out “Come on, Val!”, but I declined. The camera crew made me a little shy! But teasingmeat stepped forth and did a great job with her. A lot of “Bla bla bla bla…” in a man’s voice, set to the animations of a child on a monitor. Pretty funny to see!

VRevis’ Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 2

I have been struggling with my internet connection trying to upload pictures and videos from the Creator’s Camp today, but I have a few things to show you.

Day 1 started off with us all arriving at EA at around 8:30 am. The walk from the hotel was less than a mile. The weather was gorgeous the entire week.

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Sofitel.  Many pictures after the link!

VRevis’ Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 1

Just a quick note: I have so much to tell everyone, so many pictures, videos, the follow-up post from the trip is overwhelming! I am getting ready to do some more traveling, going out of the country on Tuesday, so I am not sure when I’ll have everything together. Much of my video was done on a camcorder and the tapes need to be digitized. But I did get some great stuff from the party at the Sofitel hotel our last night there.

I’ve made many new friends. By the end of the week, it felt like I’d known these folks forever. So nice to meet the people whose custom content I’ve been using in my game and my videos for years! I have many updates to do on my site links page, now. My wallet is stuffed with business cards from around the world.

VRevis’ Blog – Back from EA

I’m back home and I miss The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp a lot. Today I have uploaded some pictures from the event on Edenstyle’s Facebook fan page. Find them here.

There are few other things I’d like to share with you. Some are new and some others are features I would like to add few more details about.

  • When someone die, you can have a funeral with the new party planner.
  • It’s like a normal party, you can set up a buffet and so on… There’s no special gameplay here, everything is up to player’s imagination. You can also ask the people to come in swimwear… that’s funny!
  • Houses can be haunted.
  • You can sell insects and rocks you collected.
  • Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor (this was her surname before gettin’ married with Mr Goth) are both children in The Sims 3.
  • Kaylynn Langerak in a child in The Sims 3 and lives in a big house with her family. She loves to clean.
  • Cheats are very similar to the ones we had in The Sims 2
  • More info after the link!

EdenStyle – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp News & Pics

All that aside, I’ve been asked plenty of times what about Sims 3 am I looking forward to the most. I will certainly have to say the Create-A-Style aspect. Gone are the days of Maxis Mush invading our houses and community lots. We can now appropriately coordinate everything and fully furnish a house that has matching furniture!

I am also super excited about the personality traits. I was playing around with them on Friday and I am just so excited about the 100’s of different interactions there are. I put a Hopeless Romantic/Loner with a Party Animal/Committment Issue Sim and the chemistry and interacctions there are just great.

I’m actually headed out soon to begin looking at new computers. I know this ol’ dino won’t run Sims 3 as well as I want it to, so I will need to get something else. The only problem is where am I going to put it!?

TSR – Tdyannd’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Looking Back

We had an award ceremony for the best in show and other selected creation of which I’ll try and post some more details when I find my notes! The official site will be featuring the Artists that attended the event this week with previews of what they made, so keep l look out for that.

Before we left EA it was play time! We had a ‘Plumbob cookie and cupcake decorating competition’ where we all got to play with (and eat) candy, icing and sprinkly type things. My creativity score is pretty low so I only got as far as a custom content snowflake cupcake and an Edible Arts cookie. They didn’t win any prizes needless to say, but it was a fun end to the week.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 6, 12:00PM

We have still not been able to take pictures, this is not ideal for you but I can assure you that great creations will be available right out of The Sims 3 on the Exchange! And now the winners: Kate Site Parsimonious won the award the most beautiful sims, I would say most of the sims since its original simsette is very Particulière …! The creator of the site Sterling Sims 2 won the award for the most beautiful house, she managed to create a beautiful water point, the terrace of his cottage extending pontoon on it. Padre TSR won the award the most beautiful interior and has created a beautiful modern lounge below. Kate has always won the award for the best texture, so the texture is similar to his style, his site … It is purple with motifs of flowers black design. Finally Decorgal (whose site has the same name) won the award for best video with “Rejection for two” the story of a rather frightening sims is so corny that it does not give but reject who finally found his double.

DailySims – Creator’s Camp, Friday Jan 16

I wasn’t going to say anything about my being at the Sims 3 Creator’s Camp until after I got back but since someone out-ed me, I’ll just confirm that yes indeed I am here.  I am planning to blog about my experience with Sims 3, particularly as a tool for machinima, when I get back home which won’t be until later in the week since I’m staying here a bit longer to visit friends.  I’ll give you guys a chance to ask me all the questions you want then but please do not ask me right now because I won’t really be on the computer until I get back.

In the meantime, if you want, you can visit the worldsims website where you can listen to live podcasts from the event.  The second podcast has me in it for almost an hour trying to capture one scene (and not being very successful).  If you want to hear me suffer and yell at my sim, then head on over.  Later!

Decorgal -Greetings from EA Headquarters

I wanted to make a post last night but was distracted by some partying. It was fun. So Friday was the last day of The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp. We wrapped up our work early and had, you’ll love this, a cookie and cupcake decorating contest. All I can say is the Sims community is creative in every way; you should have seen the creations coming out of the food contest. I’ll post pictures later.

After the contest we gathered for a presentation highlighting our work. Awards were handed out to the coolest pieces; machinima artist Decorgal won for best movie. The rest of us walked away with some cool swag too; t-shirts, water bottles, candy, a poster, and more. And then there was the party in the hotel lobby. Yeah, I’m not going there. I had a little too much fun.

TheSidDog – Creator’s Camp Day 5

I have a load of pictures, but…of course…my mother’s camera ate junk the first day, so they are either super blurry or…well, nonexistant. I may upload them at some point, and hope that you can tell what they are…or, I may just leave everything to the imagination. It is probably best I do that anyway. I’ve asked the TSR flock to send me some pictures because they all know my camera is a load of crap at the moment, so hopefully I’ll have some for myself at least.

Today was the last day of the camp, there was an awards ceremony and then a cookie/cupcake decorating contest. After making my cookies, I just ate the icing and sprinkles. They were the best part of course. Dinner was…well, gross…again. I didn’t really expect anything else, but I’ve got cookies and crackers here in my room to eat…so, I shouldn’t starve before getting something in the morning before flying out.

TSR – Tdyannd’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 5

The final day at EA campus and a chance to finish off anything we might have been building/creating.  I also took the opportunity to upload a few furniture sets to the exchange and create a sim family for upload.  It was also fun to play the game a little more because I’ve been so busy with the building aspect of the game the gameplay side has been sadly neglected by me.

In the afternoon we all gathered together for some fun and games with a plumbob cookie decorating contest.  Sadly my efforts were somewhat pathetic to say the least but it’s amazing what some people can do with a couple of cookies and a tube of icing!  Afterwards we were given the opportunity to see what everybody else had been working on throughout the week and prizes given for the best (and in some cases the most unfortunate) custom content.

Finally it was time to gather in the hotel bar for some farewell drinks with the guys from EA.  It was fun to catch up with everyone and discuss what we’d experienced through the week.

TSR – Hatshepsut’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Final Day

  • If you are a rockstar, other people recognize you and react. The same if you are at the top of other careers, like the military one: people will use the military greeting with you.
  • To have a ghost in your family, you should pick up a urn and go to the science lab. Then the Ghost will be added to your household, like a family member. Ghosts whisper all the time (it’s so scary!) and can become invisible and move your furniture.
  • At the graveyard you can find Tragic Clown’s tombstone. Do you remember him? He was a The Sims 1 character.
  • When someone die, all his belongings are added to family inventory, so you won’t lose them.
  • You can give a funeral party when someone die. You should use the phone to plan it. It’s more or less like the normal parties.
  • Underwear category has been removed and merged with nightwear category.
  • An adult cannot be a parent of a Young Adult. 2 young adults can be siblings, housemates or married. An elder can be a parent of an Adult.
  • You can bake some delicious things, like cookies and baked angel food cake, but you have to learn the recipe before.

EdenStyle – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp Reportage Day 5

This time the day was spent pretty much entirely on the construction site!  My 2nd building project has turned out be a little more elaborate than the 1st as I learn more about the building toolls and just what can be done with the customization tools.  Gone are the days of none matching furniture and it’s so easy to recolor everything and that includes the walls and floors.  No Homecrafter tool needed here!  Everything can be fine tuned to just the shade that you want.

The landscaping tools are also more detailed.  As you place plants from the inventory they automatically change shape and in some cases size so that you never get a row of identical flowers/shrubs.  Much more realistic.  It is also easier to achieve more realistic effects with the terrain spray paint tool which now comes with both a circular and square paint brush in 3 sizes.  Not only that but you can adjust the hardness/softness of these brushes which makes blending terrain paints much more effective.

Some of you might be familiar with the new roof tool that came with Mansion & Garden Stuff.  That also appears here although one drawback is that there is currently no ability to adjust individual roof slope angles.  Ceilings can be placed in the same way as in Apartment Life but are currently uncolorable.

TSR – Hatshepsut’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 4-5

I asked Ben about his favourite features of the game. His top two would be the trait system which he personally spent a great deal of time on, researching behavioural stuff and building the stereotypical and exaggerated facial animations for each which you see when assigning the trait in CAS and during game play when that trait rears its head in the characters behaviour. He also loves the introduction of bicycles to the game, being a cyclist himself he loves to see Sims ditch the driveway and cars for a bicycle rack by the house!

I then went on to features that they talked about in game development but didn’t make it into the final version. He said there were many but focussed on the video capture features. He’s happy with the video tools as they are in the base game but is aware that there is much more they can do to improve on that aspect of storytelling and the use of the game for Machinima. Maybe that will get picked up on in an upcoming pack.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 5, 10:30AM

Another thing I noticed, there is no advertising in our game and apparently it will be like this in the final version. The day is getting up to 7 more hours in the morning but at 6 o’clock. The sims eat and meet their needs when they are small to work, like the Sims 2. As I said earlier, there are two kinds of common land: land that resemble conventional very similar to those of Sims 2 and the land of “work”. Of these, a sims can work, go around the building (there emerges strongly annoyed but has met the big boss what can be interesting), it may take a stake and buy the entire company and this makes it Regular pension each lot has an interaction, the sims can eat in the restaurant, see a concert in the music room … But you can not see these actions. The sims enters the building and then disappears. It reappears when he finished. Digging in the construction mode of common land it was found that these buildings were large meshes. Some are very beautiful but we have dangled elements of buildings which are ultimately not in the game building elements are also a few exceptions the same as those of the Sims 2. The mailbox and the trash is moved without code. The loan covers most of the mailbox is considered by the game (and thus by the neighbors and friends of your family) as the main entrance gate of the residence.

DailySims – Creator’s Camp, Thursday Jan 15

There are many new traits and subtle character things that will make gameplay really and entertaining but Debra, I am afraid right now the roofs are buggy (so can’t really tell) and there aren’t too many exciting things in the way of furniture to look forward to except for the fact that you can use the new in game creator tools to recolor almost everything.. There are however some really nice plants shrubs and flowers…the best I have ever seen in the sims game and the neighborhood is really impressive and lovely. I guess bottom line is we will all be taking a huge step back in order to take a huge step forward in future EPS. There are also some other exciting things I can’t talk about at this time.

One thing we all were up against this week was the fact that the game is still really buggy..for instance when I used a cheat it wouldn’t work properly, the roofs all have holes in them and for a while I couldn’t place any fireplaces at all in my homes! I finally figured that one out tonight so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have all FIVE, yes 5 of my lots ready. Please keep in mind we had to use only in-game assets so we did the best we could with what we had to work with. They won’t be as fancy as the homes you are used to making. One of our tasks was to play test the game and let the team know about bugs so you all don’t have them in your copy when it is released.

SterlingSims2 Creator’s Camp Forum Thread

Day four of the The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp. We spent the day working on our movies, houses, Sims, etc. We’ve also been meeting the development team and giving our feedback. They listen to our suggestions. Josh C. from also posted a podcast of the event. You can listen to it at his site. updated with a blog about the event. We were actually in the same room with them as they wrote it.

They also spent some time reading the official forums, watching machinima, and looking at the stuff you all make. Anyways, that’s it for today. Tomorrow is sadly the final day of this amazing event. I’m very thankful to have been a part of it; everyone at EA has been helpful and appreciative of our feedback, especially the web team and the developers who took time out of their day to walk us through issues. You’re all awesome.

TheSidDog – Creator’s Camp Day 4

  • The night sky comes with shooting stars, but I did not notice day time clouds.
  • I had a Sim holding the infant, and talking on the phone, and then after the conversation, sat on the couch with the baby.
  • Holding ALT allows free rotation and removes the snapping of objects. It is possible, though, to create routing problems.
  • Mean sims can ‘Criticize Family’ or ‘Insult Mother’.
  • Clone Tool = Awesome! You can use it to replicate whatever object without having to find it in the build/buy mode.
  • There are no curly hairs, but are some very long hairs.
  • Sims cannot be invited to a townies party, but they can be invited to a community party with the right opportunity cards.
  • Sims will still do what’s in their action queue, even if you are looking at another sim all the way across town.
  • More notes in her blog!

TSR – Tdyannd’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 4

Custom content: you can create it both in CAS and while you play normally. When you like something you created wih Create a Style, you have to save it before, and then click on Share button. If you save it only, you’ll be able to see and use it everytime you play. If you choose to share it, you’ll find it in a tab in the laucher, with all the content you created. If you want to share the file in the exchange, you just have to click on a button to publish it. Of course you can name all your creations and add a description too. I didn’t have the time to create many custom content because I’m here as a fansite owner and I’m supposed to check the gameplay mostly, but I like the fact that you can create custom content at any time and in any place in the game. You don’t have to open a Bodyshop anymore.

I would like to explain you better the fact that Sims can have up to 3 clothes per category. You can create and save all the clothes you want in game, but when you play with Sims, you can plan for each of them up to 3 clothes per category. So, when you click on a closet and choose “plan outfit” option, you will be able to see/create up to 3 formal outfits, 3 swimwears and so on for that single Sim… Of course, you can delete one of the 3 at any time and replace it with something new. To change clothes, you should click on the closet or on your Sim and then choose “Change Clothes”. Then, a window shows up and you can choose the clothes you would like your Sim to wear. You can also choose to wear your job uniform.

Pregnancy. Pregnant Sims get few days of paid rest from work and fathers will get few days aftern the baby is born. When a Sim is pregnant you can read pregnancy books and you should fulfill her wishes because Sims that were happy during pregnancy have babies with better traits. Pregnant Sims experience nausea and backaches, shown as negative moodlets too. At the beginning the belly is very little, it grows up every day. I clicked on the hospital and my Sim had “Get medical advice”. She entered in the hospital and then she came out after a while. I didn’t had this option with Sims that were not pregnant, so this is probably a pregnancy interaction. You can announce pregnancy to others, feel tummy and talk to tummy. When contractions starts, you can have the baby at home or at the hospital. The father can take the mother to the hospital, but she can go there alone too. They go there walking, by car or bicyle. No ambulance. When the baby is born, the mother exits the hospital with the baby and goes home. You cannot see what happens inside the hospital. Parents get few days off when they adopt a baby too, so they can take care of him. That’s so nice!

More notes after the link!

EdenStyle – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp Reportage Day 4

I created my 1st married sim couple and moved into a cute little starter home.  Houses can now be bought either in a furnished condition or non furnished.   Single sims still start out with the usual $20,000 but couples get a little bit more.

Before my sims even got into their home I got a message on screen telling me that the house was having some plumbing problems and did I want to accept the challenge of cleaning it up.  I accepted the challenge which was probably not the best idea for my poor neurotic sim.  Even after the mess was cleaned up and the bath and sink fixed he kept getting the urge to go back and check that everything was working ok!

It’s really fun seeing how traits affect a sims personality.  It really does make for a completely different game play experience.  One of my sims has a childish streak and one of his favourite things to do is goof around making silly faces in the mirror.  My neurotic sim is also a bit of a bookworm and loves to bore his neighbours to sleep!

TSR – Hatshepsut’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 3

I already blogged about gardening so you know that Sims can harvest fresh ingredients already, but they can also obtain them from the grocery store. They can also buy goods for the home and fish to restock their goldfish bowl should ‘swimmy’ meet an untimely end. The list of ingredients that you can load into your cart at the store is impressive. I listed 24 so far which include anchovy, links (sausages), cheese, potatoes, steak, roast (turkey), tuna, eggs and all of the harvestable items too.

After buying all these ingredients I sent my Sim to stop by the library on the way home. Here I was able to acquire 3 skill books; Cooking Volume 1: Too much salt, Cooking Volume 2: Why you need baking soda and Cooking Volume 3: Yummy and delicious. I also picked up recipe sheets for some popular dishes like Fish & Chips, Cookies, Fruit Parfait, Cheese Steak, Eggs Machiavellian, Baked Angel Food Cake and Ambrosia. Some of these require higher cooking skills as well, but once your Sim reads one of these recipe books they have the required knowledge to be able to make it in their kitchen, as long as the current food stocks allow.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 4, 12:30PM

I guess it might not be completely clear to everyone what’s actually going on here at EA and what the creator’s are actually doing, so I figured I’d take some time out to tell you.

The groups of creators have been split into 2 rooms, one room for Machinima and the other for Custom Content. Everyone started out by creating their accounts at the new Sims 3 Exchange and then got right into the game, playing around with the new features and getting used to the new user interface. Since then it has been all about creating content and uploading it to the Exchange, populating their profiles with the very first content that will be available to you when the game ships.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 4, 10:00AM

In town, there is a bookshop. For your library is useful, it must first buy books. There are several kinds of books: those who can learn skills such as in The Sims 2, books with themes that can be more effective at work and novels to relax. An effort was provided important is on plants and trees. Their textures are very well done, and when the elements they appear in different sizes. It’s really a plus, although the forms are similar, there is a sense to have different plants and trees.

DailySims – Creator’s Camp, Wednesday Jan 14

The food is slowly getting better. Today, we actually had Texas Food, so I was QUITE impressed. Thankful…truly thankful, actually. We’re all steadily working away, and poor Padre is still creationless. Hatshepsut and Estatica and I have finished some houses, I’ve done quite a bit of clothing and various furniture recolors. It’s very interesting the different combinations you can come up with. My house is based entirely on the the textures I used for the very first window. All the wall paper, flooring, furnishings, and decorations. It’s beautiful. I did create my first Sims 3 story today…it’s awful. So, don’t check it out if it goes public. 8]

Answers from previous questions that I didn’t have answers to previously…

  • The Picnic Basket is very basic. Your sims can carry it around, sit on it, and eat.At this time, it is not possible to woohoo anywhere but the bed…including the cars.
  • Also at this time, you cannot recolor the cieling.
  • Pregnancy Outfits have a single outfit for each category. I was told that you can change the ‘textures’ of those clothing items, but I think my game was buggy and wouldn’t let me try it.
  • There are 35 to 40 different food recipies.
  • ‘Call to Meals’ still works and is functional.
  • Pregnancy is still three days, regardless of life span.
  • You cannot change the infant’s blanket, but it is pink for girls and blue for boys.
  • I asked about supernatural creatures, and all I got was you can have a playable ghost with a little work and even make ‘ghost babies’. These ‘ghost babies’ will be ghosts, but can be turned into real life sims with a little work as well.
  • When your expecting mother is heading to the hospital to have the baby, if you so choose, no one else will follow. She will give birth alone.
  • Much, much more in the link

TSR – Tdyannd’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 3

The Sims 3 has a Party Planner for your Sims! When a Sim uses a phone to throw a party the Party Planner screen pops up. Here you can choose which kind of party it should be (currently just House Party or Birthday Party), the day and time the party should start and the dress code. You can opt to have all your sims arrive in casual clothing, formalwear or swimwear. Then you just add the friends you want to attend in the invite list.

Of course not all guests will turn up but later in the game you can acquire the status of “Legendary Host”, guaranteeing that all of your invites will be gratefully accepted with attendance guaranteed.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 3, 5:15PM

Another productive day. The machinima people watched a presentation of the new camera tools and I’m halfway through another movie. We also did interviews with a film crew; there was a “green screen” involved. Josh C. from arrived today too; he’ll be part of the press group. Expect plenty of information at his site.

I also learned that ghosts are playable, can marry living Sims, and even make ghost babies. Not sure of the mechanics. It’s most likely a career reward or other perk.

TheSidDog – Creator’s Camp Day 3

I discovered few things about babies…

  • Furniture: highchair, potty, xylophone, crib (like the one we had in The Sims 2), canopy crib, 3 toy boxes (they can also play inside them), Toy oven, Building blocks table and few other things. The changing table is no more there. You have to click on the toddler to change diaper or clothes.If you have the highchair, you can feed toddlers with the same food you prepare for the other family members, but you have to use the food processor before.
  • If you click on a toddler, you have those interactions: change diaper, change outfit, feed on floor, pick up, snuggle, teach to talk, potty train, tickle, teach to walk, toss in air. Some traits give you more interactions. For example, evil sims can scare babies.\When you adopt a baby, you can choose the sex and the age (newborn, toddler, child).
  • -When you adopt a baby, you can choose the sex and the age (newborn, toddler, child).

EdenStyle – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp Reportage Day 3

Sims can collect fruits and vegetables as they explore the neighbourhood. These can then be taken home and either used right out of their inventory for cooking great new dishes, or they can put them in the refrigerator so the whole family can make use of them. Alternatively, plant these gathered fruits and veg at home to provide a crop for the family, or to sell at the local “Everfresh Delights” supermarket.

Some of the harvestables include the apple tree, lime tree, grape vine, watermelon vine, bell pepper plant, wild garlic, lettuce plant, onion plant and tomato plant. There are also some rare flowers including the death flower and the life fruit. A sim in possession of a death flower at the time they meet their untimely end are able to deal with the Grim Reaper who will gladly take the death flower instead of a Sims soul! The life fruit can be used to extend the life of a Sim, but if used in cooking to make a quality Ambrosia, it can be used to bring ghosts back to life.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 3, 4:00PM

The local hospital is called the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital. As well as this being one of the work locations which Sims attend (the medical career kicks things off with the Organ Donor job), they can also attend for other reasons. Pregnant Sims can visit the hospital to have their baby if they choose, and later down the career path, Sims can come here to donate organs! There are apparently several body parts that a Sim can donate, their spleen being one of them!

Something new to me (and most likely you) is the fact that your Sim can buy into the partnership of these Community Lots. It’s costly (around §7,000) but your Sim will then earn an income from that Lot. They can then go on to buy out other partners until they eventually own the business (at a cost of around §20,000). One you own the company you can rename it, fire the staff if you don’t like them and make use of its facilities for free, so free food or books or movies. You can eventually buy up many or all of the properties and have a Monopoly of the town, but given the huge expense this would be something you might aspire to later in Sim life when you have lots of funds and fulfilled many wants.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 3, 3:30PM

Day 2 It is amazing how busy EA is keeping everyone, our day starts with check-in at 9am and we don’t leave the campus until 7:30pm On day two everyone got to spend a lot more time in the game creating content; houses, clothes, Sims, and movies. We set up our new TS3 accounts and then I personally worked on making two Sims and got a fair start on a house. There was a slight glitch when the power in our computer room went out (losing all work that was completed since last save) but resulted in an unplanned coffee break. The high light for me was a tour of the sound studio where a voice actress named Nikki was recording a session in Simlish to be spoken by Sim children. Nikki was just fantastic, watching her and listening to her just made you feel happy all over. It was a few minutes before I realized they do not alter her voice electronically, she really talks and laughs like that in real life! She couldn’t be any and sweeter than she already is. It was a rather strange feeling talking to a real life ‘Sim’. Edenstyle was brave and got to ‘jam’ with Nikki and lay some sound recordings, she was really amazing, give her a day to practice and she could do some voice overs for the game.

SimCredible Designs – Creator’s Camp Day 2

I guess a perk of being amongst the 1st creators to start using the game and pushing it to it’s limits is that we’re also helping to identify any bugs that may crop up and giving EA a chance to put things right. I certainly gave some of the EA staff some headaches after managing to break the roof tool and wreck a perfectly good staircase. Sorry guys! I think the prize for the most hilarious glitch has to go to Padre who somehow managed to place a chair mid-air over the top of his house. A neat effect I’m sure but I’ve no idea how he was expecting his poor sim to reach it!

TSR – Hatshepsut’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 1 & 2

Like Over the seasons, there will be a head by type of habit. Against it by no more than 5 types of clothes, there is more underwear (they are more or less integrated in pajamas).
The objects are arranged in all directions and at any place of the play without cheat code (except for moveObjets superimposed on) and they are well suited to space whatever their positions.
The stairs are all modular stairs (still no spiral staircases in order), we can use the create-a-style for most of the objects in the construction mode: doors, windows, walls and floors but not for the barriers. The choice of soil textures outside (grass, stone, earth …) is quite wide and well done. Plants and trees have been worked, it’s really nice to see.

DailySims – Creator’s Camp, Tuesday Jan 13

Today was productive. Everyone spent their time creating content; houses, clothes, Sims, movies, and more. I actually finished one movie and cut it using the new mashup tool. We also took a tour of the sound studio; there was a recording session going on at the time. A voice actor, Nikki, was recording Simlish to be spoken by Sim children. It was funny seeing a human speaking like a Sim. They’re such masters of their craft that as a player I forget it’s just a made up language spoken by an actor. And one of the creators, TeasingMeat, got to record his own line in Simlish. Well, I doubt it was recorded, but he got to go in the sound booth and speak some lines into the mic.

TheSidDog – Creator’s Camp Day 2

  • You can change the ringtone on your cell phone.
  • Not every bookshelf as the same books. You must browse if you’re assigned to read a particular one by your boss or other various opportunity.
  • When my sim opened her fridge, you could see the cold air coming out.
  • If a business is closed, your sim can look in the windows of the building.
  • If you don’t like how your sim has turned out, you can buy a Mid-Life Crisis to redo their personality completely if you have enough Lifetime Happiness Points.
  • There is School Detention for children who fall asleep in class or cheat on schoolwork.
  • You can take pictures with your Cell Phone to hang on your wall or sit on your tables.
  • Tombstones now show the cause of death. You can engrave an epitaph, too.
  • If you hover your mouse over a plate of food, it will tell you how good of quality it is and what it is.
  • The Maximum width of a set of stairs is 8 tiles! They are HUGE!
  • You cannot swim in the ocean, but you can fish in it. And not every sim has the necessary skills needed to fish.
  • Many, Many more after the link!

TSR – Tdyannd’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 2

We learned a few things about the music in the game which, by the way, is incredible. Some of the creators here this week have confessed to loading up the game and then quitting out and reloading just to hear the intro music again! Some of the build mode music is beautiful, and the new kids soundtracks had me giggling too loudly according to some!

Oh yea, what did we learn? Well, one claim to.. er.. ‘fame'(?), from the audio team was turning down Mariah Carey for a Simlish track. The reason? She just didn’t fit the University EP style! Paul McCartney was invited to perform in Sims 3. They’re still awaiting his acceptance! It turns out that many artists actually approach EA to be in the game and are, contrary to popular belief, not actually paid that much for their performance. No… Really! (So we were told).

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 2, 8:00PM

Hello all, today I had the chance to play a bit the game. I also registered some simlish with the real Simlish actress: it has been so funny! I enjoyed it a lot! Here are some notes:

  • Sunset valley has been built before Pleasantview, founded by the Goth family and built up by the Landgraabs to be a quiet, peaceful town.
  • I visited the Graveyard and it has been so funny… There you can go fishing (!!!), visit the mausoleum, explore the catacombs and… get a partime job (so creepy!). While visiting the catacombs, you get many funny messages telling you what your Sim is doing there. When my Sim went out, she had a special seed in her inventory. You can probably find something special every time you visit that place. If you click on the tombstones, you can read or engrave epitaphs and mourn.
  • When you load the city, you’ll see useful tips on the screen.
  • You can write novels with the PC. Writing is a new skill.
  • You don’t have a skill panel with all your skills, like in the Sims 2. Skill names come up after you get the first skill point. Then, you can click on them and open a sort of journal with your updates about that skill.
  • I created a Sim with those traits: perfectionist, brave, daredevil, ambitious and Charismatic. Due to her daredevil trait, if I click on some objects, I don’t get the normal interactions, but I get interactions like extreme nap, extreme sleep, read something extreme, play extreme videogame… that’s so funny!
  • More after visiting the site!

EdenStyle – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp Reportage Day 2

Hair styles can be custom to each clothing category, so if your Sim has long hair, you could choose for her to wear it up whenever dressed in formalwear or sportswear. Styles can also change in/after using the shower, so Sims with long hair that’s normally up might be seen with it down while showering. Elders can now have any color hair rather than the default grey, or just add some highlights or deep roots for some extra effect. I’ll be looking for some blue rinse grannies real soon!

Facial detail is on a whole new level. Eyebrow colors are independent of hair, as is facial hair. Eyelashes have a length slider and freckles and beauty marks can also be custom colors, independent of anything else. Makeup and face paint can be used in limitless combinations.

Shoes are interchangeable with any outfit, as are socks and stockings, so I’m really looking forward to seeing that ‘socks & sandals’ look bought right back up to date!

Music plays a bigger part in Sims lives too. You can set a favourite style of music to a Sim who will receive a moodlet boost whenever he hears his favourite tunes.

After creating your perfect Sim you now have an option to “Create a Twin”. One of the developers pointed out that she often uses this to create several identical Sims before reassigning their age, creating a new family that truly looks alike.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 2, 10:30AM

Let me talk a bit about Build Mode! You builders out there are in for the treat of your life with Sims 3! Power tools are abundant here as well, for example, expanding your home as funds allow is so quick and easy! If for example you want a bigger bedroom, grab the outer wall and drag it out as far as you wish, the bed, side tables, window and any other objects along that wall will move with it too. The floor will expand in the same pattern, walls are redecorated and even the roof will free form around it in real time. Same goes for reducing rooms, or you can drag out an entire outside wall of a house and have all rooms enlarge, maintaining their scale and object positioning as accurately as it can.

Stairs have changed a lot: no longer do you have modular or internal stairways, they are now the same thing and just behave differently depending on how you use them. If you place a stairway internally between floors it will take the guise of an internal stairway, and will even box in the area below it with walls and finish it with the décor you already have in the room! These can be removed though if you want an open staircase. When placing modular stairs these can now be placed with a 90 degree L shape turn in them, making shaped stairways so quick to produce. You also have a width slider allowing you to place stairways between 1 and 10 tiles wide in an instant!

Doors will ship in 1, 2 and 3 tile sizes, and even with 1 tile doors that sit in the center of 2 tiles to allow more freedom in design than ever.

Lighting has had a major overhaul too. Internal and external lighting is better realized and put to best use when you build with open spaces in buildings, like courtyards. You can leave the roof off an area of the house and unlike previous Sims games, these will be recognised as outdoor, and lit accordingly. The lights that you place can be set to many different colors to provide ambiance and mood, with the ability too to set them to either dim, bright or normal!

Roofs are now truly dynamic and with the roof height slider you can make anything from flat roofs to tall spires instantly. They reform as you change the shape and size of your house too.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp: Day 2, 7:00AM

The Campus is just huge. Absolutely huge. They have an onsite dentist, physical gym, basketball court, tennis court, day care, two cafeterias, and even little TV’s and computers everywhere if the staff wants to play some games. They have a massage parlor, a Starbucks…you name it. He said it was because they wanted to make it so the employees never have to leave…and geez, why would they want to!?

We had quite a few demo seminars during the day, and finally just before dinner we got to play the game. YES! We got to play Sims 3! I’ve taken a LOAD of notes…so, be prepared for a lengthy blog. You’re right…it’s lengthy now, and it only gets longer. 8D

TSR – Tdyannd’s Blog – Creator’s Camp Day 1

We had several sessions of game demos, but we were required to sign non-disclosure papers stating we would not report on certain things prior to the games release date (sorry guys). I will tell you everything I learn that we are allowed to publish. We did get some hands on time in the game near the end of the day, we will be spending more time in game as the week progresses.

Now on to the really important stuff.

Build Mode:

  • We have all been wondering what the build mode will be like, there are a lot of new features that everyone will absolutely love. Although you can use the pre-made houses that come with the game we will be able to build our own houses from scratch, which is good news to all of us who like to build.
  • If you want to buy a house instead of building one, there is a button that lets you choose to buy it furnished or unfurnished.
  • There is a tool that lets you enlarge or shrink your rooms or whole house, when using this ‘smart tool’ the objects that are on the walls and objects that are sitting against the walls move out with them. The wall paint and floor covering is filled in so you don’t even have to re-paint if you enlarge. This tool also works on fencing. An absolutely fantastic tool!
  • Sledge hammer tool has been enhanced, you can now drag an area to delete multiple objects.
  • Roofing will be a lot better as you can now use a slider to change the hight on roofs with great ease, from very high to low.
  • When placing objects against a diagonal wall the object will snap into place perfectly.
  • Slots (those squares you see in build mode) are now quartered to make much better natural looking settings when you decorate.
  • Slots on surfaces have also been quartered so you can place many more items on them to give you that ‘just right look’.
  • There are some really awesome new features to the terrain tool. There are several different softness/harness brushes as well as a new square brush that will be great for things like sidewalks or paths.
  • We can use paint and floor files to coat our pools. Sims no longer need ladders to get in and out of the pool.
  • Bushes spawn in different sizes and trees and plants sway in the wind.
  • There has been a lot of concern voiced over the ‘open neighborhood’ feature that allows time to pass in households you are not actually playing. Good news, there is a control that lets you turn that off.\
  • Aging; You can choose to have normal life span or extend the ‘normal’ lifespan to 1,000 Sim days or turn aging off completely without using cheats.

SimCredible Designs – Creator’s Camp Day 1

Monday morning, after a tour of the campus of Electronic Arts, Ben Bell, then part of the production team gave us the game, its different aspects of the new Create A Sims, the famous create a style, tools construction … Several artists who were invited specialize in achieving videos and we had an overview of the tool that will be made available on the website of The Sims 3 to facilitate the creation of videos. The tool, with easy access to allow many players to share their videos.

DailySims – Creator’s Camp, Monday Jan 12

Eden has been invited to The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp at San Francisco. For the whole week 30 custom content creators and fan site owners are going to try the game and creating outfits, houses, furniture and much more for the new Exchange.

Producers are also showing them the various features of the game and teaching some tricks. Unfortunately, we cannot take pictures or film the game.

Here you can find a little summary about what Eden discovered the first day…

  • Some traits give you special abilities. They can be useful to improve skills (Artistic and Athletic traits, for example) and to get special interactions (childish sims can play with toys. Mooch sims can ask for food…).
  • Toddlers cannot visit the city alone, they must be carried by an adult. Children can walk around the neighborhood alone.
  • We can move working buildings to other places.
  • All the Sims of the city evolve togheter, but if you want you can stop the aging or the story progression. In this way Sims that you don’t control won’t get married or evolve.
  • More information can be found by visiting EdenStyle (link below)!

EdenStyle – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp Reportage Day 1

Build and Buy Modes:

  • There’s a roof height slider.
  • There’s a button that paints / carpets the entire room (instead of holding Shift).
  • You can set the stair width.
  • You can set light colors and brightness levels (both indoor and out).
  • You can place objects against diagonal walls.
  • You can rotate floor tiles.
  • There is now a square terrain paint brush. Imagine using it to paint a sidewalk.
  • Plants spawn with different sizes.
  • Sims don’t need ladders to get in or out of the pool.
  • You can change the floor / walls of a pool.

Remember, The Sims 3 is still in development. Things are subject to change. Post any questions you have and I’ll try to get them answered. No promises.  *More facts by checking out his site*

TheSidDog – Creator’s Camp Day 1

As this whole event is about custom content we got to see for the first time exactly how custom content, custom editing and content sharing works. As expected, all of this CC is done within the game. There are currently no external tools like CAS or HomeCrafter which we saw in Sims 2, and with good reason; the game does it all so much better!

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp:  Day 1, 5:00PM

As well as the Sims 3 Demos, creator workshops and time with the developers, EA have some weird and wacky events planned as usual, just to keep us on our toes! These range from Plumbob Cookie and Cupcake decorating to time in the sound studios recording some Simlish, so expect some light-hearted storytelling in these blog posts as well as the more serious business of Sims 3 and Custom Content.

TSR – Sims 3 Creator’s Camp:  Day 1, 6:30AM

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Wow… thanks for putting all these into one post.


You’re welcome 🙂


Thank you so much for putting up all of this information! One thing I can’t find anywhere, I’m wondering if you know how the genetics worked? In the Sims 2, dark eyes and hair are dominant traits, like in real like. But I’ve heard with the Sims 3, you can choose any hair or eye color… Have they thrown trait passing to the wind? Have they made it simpler? Do you know how it works? Thanks!


…Actually, that’s a good question. I’m sure it had to of been asked and I just wasn’t paying attention when I came across it.


I play the sims like 24/7 and i like making families that i know. i was wondering though if there would ever be a wheelchair option because i know alot of families who have disabled children. this may be a good point to pick up on because i’m surprised it’s never been brought up before. As i am only 13 i might still be sim mad enough by the time they do put it in if they ever make a sims 4!


omg can yuh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee make sims 3 for xbox360 pleaseeeeee i wanna play it so badly pleaseeee … write me back thnxs
~ nataliee


I have no control over that – I’m only a fan, not an employee. But I heard there was one in the planning stages from the company ‘Edge of Reality’.


WHY IS THERE NO SIMS 3 FOR XBOX 360 and PS2!!!! or any other gaming system!!!!!!!




who wants to play it on the stupid computer??? NOBODY biotch


Calm down, calm down. Supposedly there is one in the works as its rumored that Edge of Reality is currently working on one –

No other news about it otherwise. I’m sure it’ll eventually pop up on some console or another.


Hey Sims 3 creators i think you should make there be seasons in the game.Let the players expirance snow and rain and tornado and earthquakes, the works. Even thunder and in time like those small children, pets and neurotic Sims get scared. let it be be extremely hot so Sims must buy hats and sunscreen. Let leaves fall from trees in autumn. Let Sims celebrate holidays like valentines and Easter and Christmas and Halloween. also, let them have cats dogs birds fish hamsters lizards sharks tigers and let traits be equivelent with what pet those sims can handle. I think… Read more »

Tiffani Smith

hello sims3 creators i was wondering if anyone could help me by giving me the cheat code to help your teenage sims get pregnant i know that is really wierd but it would kick my family up a noch.Everyone keeps telling me i need some kind of mod but i dont know what that is so email me back and hlep me throught the steps to get my teenage sims get pregnant. PPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and THANK YOU!


Dear Sims 3 Creator.
I was wondering if you would consider having a sims 3 pets game. But in this one they can have farms and ride horses and take care of them. Also there should be a camping one with fourwheeling and white water rafting and rope jumping. It would be so awesome. Pkease highly consider this. Thank you!
P.S you should have it so its more realistic that sims can get deployed and propose to their teenage sweet hearts. Or pregnant teens




Hi Sims 3 creator, you o have to do this now or late, just saying? what if your created a Sims 3 Zombie Land! like you can kill zombies and stuff, not cool or teens or so? but! from the movie Zombie Land, thats where i get my ideas from =) or i was also thinking maybe The Sims 3 ( Warning Natural Disasters ) Just saying, just saying, because for me that would b so cool, cause im all about the action and stuff…. ideas?


even though your not the creator?


I’m not a creator or work for EA, but I tell you – I want BOTH of your ideas to be made so bad. That would be epic 😀


awesome! i know right!!!


hi i think that you should make a sims 3 seasons and sims 3 university cuz they are my faves..and mythical magic.


hi i also think that you should make an open for business game so we can serve people food and get more money and we can watch the children go to school and see the parents work.


hello would it be posible if you could make a sims three gardens with lawn mowers and an asperartion for a mowing service and a sims three sport with golf


I love sims


it would be better with gardens and golf thoe


you guys are good @ sims


making sims is hard is it not


please think about it


Hamish, thanks for the comments – but you may want to direct your request over to the official Sims 3 forums/site, as we’re just a fansite and have no control what goes into the game here 🙂


The Sims 3 Magic School Expansion Pack The Idea: 1. Sims of all ages can attend Magic School, 2. Sims can have Magic wands 3. Sims can choose an evil school or a good school 4. Sims can cast spells : • To learn skills • Make money (evil) • Make food • Make other sims love them (Love potion) • Have friends • Adjust other sims weight (evil) • Turn other sims temporarily into animals (evil) • To become youthful • Predict the future • Conjure the dead • Make it rain/snow/storm • Clean up • Move objects •… Read more »


I just want to say thanks to the creators of Sims 3! I have played this on-going link of games when it first started as the sims. I would love to be able to contact on of you guys personally, if possible. My email which is provided will enable someone to get in contact with me. The reason I wrote on here was to give a hint for the new games to come in 2012. I think you guys should make a sims 3 seasons and university. Seasons and university allow our sims to experience new things whether its collge… Read more »


change the hair style like put dreads, 360 waves, loke on nba 2k11 the the dreads when u create ur player and add a hotel for then clebrates and sports players that would looks cool and hav corbin bleu hair style
thank u god bless u


how do u get a job as a sim creator