Hey, do you recall that game…The Sims Carnival:  SnapCity?  No, of course not – it blew chunks…hard.  Well, that’s alright, as an indie-developer stepped up to the plate and created City Rain, a mix between SimCity and Tetris.  City Rain is a game that was developed for the ImagineCup contest.  Turns out they were one of the winners and they will now head out to the Games Developer Conference 2009.

Jumping back to the game…It’s looks to appear to be a fun game.  I’m currently in the process of downloading it now – it’s 120MB so it’ll take a couple of minutes.  But hey, it’s free and merges the two most kickass games in the world…I’m not going to complain!  Check out the sample video below, and if you’re interested, download the game for yourself to play!