Connor from SimOperations sent me a link of his review for the SimAnimals soundtrack.  Since I’m a nice guy and I love to see what others in the community have to say, I’ll post a sample of his review here:

The SimAnimals soundtrack is certainly a fantastic addition. Composed by Winifred Phillips, the music is calming to listen to itself. Each track is unique and can be easily defined. And someone without SimAnimals, would still enjoy the fantastic music.

I especially like the Forest Song, which accompanies the end credits.

This music is unlike anything from The Sims label. It combines the in-game elements, with general music.

Phillips, the composer, also composed music for Shrek the Third and The Da Vinci Code.

Now, let’s go through the songs. The main theme is a very ’simmy’ piece of music. After the theme, the soundtrack kicks off with Trailhead. Trailhead reminds me very much of what Nintendo use in there brand Wii games. I don’t know why. We move onto Free Play, quite classical mixed with more, shall I say, oriental themes?

Read the rest at his sister site, SimplifyReviews