Joseph Flaherty of Replicator had his Spore Creature sculptured by the Spore Sculpture Service ZCorp provides.  Heis review is mostly positive with a few small gripes here and there – which are understandable ($75 spent for the model and shipping and dust particles from the printer on his model).  Regardless of those, he still is very pleased on how his Spore creature turned out.

The marriage of video games and 3D printing/mass customization is huge and this is a great step forward, but is a little early for the mass market. As an illustration I brought it into my office and all the engineers said “whoah, cool!” and everyone else said “why is it so dusty?”. If you are on the fence, buy one just so they keep improving the service.

I’d love to get one of my creature, but since he is so tiny in the game, I don’t know if it would be worth the money!

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