InfiniteSims has posted up their interview with Bang Camaro, one of the many bands whose music will be featured in The Sims 3.  Read below for a few sample questions then visit the link to read the full interview!

BANG CAMARO - CMJ Music Showcase, New York City by Perez de la Garza Q: How did you get involved with EA?
Steve Schnur, EA’s Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing contacted us a number of months ago. (I really wish I had an awesome title like that…) He was already familiar with us from our songs in Rock Band, and thought that we were a good fit over EA’s titles. Working in the industry, he is also in a unique position where he can help out bands that he likes, but aren’t ridiculously famous. It must be like working in radio in the ’70’s!

Q: Over the past few years, music has started to play a much bigger role in games.
Do you think this will make a bigger impact in the future for artists, maybe even going as far as an industry on its own?

It is already making a huge impact for us. Because of our placements in Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Phase, and some other titles, we are able to tour the country. We’re an independent band that runs our own record label, so getting our music out through the games has been amazing.

I imagine that as video games continue to increase in popularity, the impact for artists will grow along with it. Musicians are always looking for a way to get their music heard, and games are an incredibly important vehicle right now.

If it does become an industry on its own, I hope we’re part of it!

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