Adventures consist of missions, and there are a whole slew of different mission types. There can be quests, just like in an MMO where you have to seek out a certain character who gives you a mission, from killing X number of other creatures or retrieving an object. There are exploration missions where you might need to get somewhere. Then there are socialize and defend missions; you might need to make friends, or help a band of creatures under attack. Or there are attack missions; go out and blow the heck out of something.

Yet there’s also a broader range of things you can be challenged with. There could be a classic Mario-style mission where you have to collect stars on the ground as quickly as possible. Each mission has a leaderboard, so you can instantly compare your performance against everyone else who has played the same one. The top performers get special medals that they can flaunt, but those medals can also be taken away if someone else gets a better score. Other missions might require you to design the optimal creature to perform the mission, and a slew of powerful new accessories like jump jets and missile launchers and even a disco ball will be available to get things done.

IGN – Spore Galactic Adventures first look