You know, one day I’d love to actually write my own impressions of upcoming sim games instead of linking to articles.  Wish I could check out the CES 2009 show.  A few Sim games are being shown – MySims Party, The Sims 3 and SimAnimals.  In this case, it’s MySims Party and IGN has their impressions posted:

EA demonstrated a handful of minis from both the Wii and DS titles to us. In a snowboarding challenge, players must twist the WIi remote classically and then press in different directions on the D-Pad to cue flips and spins. For instance, down, up, left, left right might trigger a mid-air stunt from their character, resulting in points. Simple. In another mini, players must blast skulled ghosts in a haunted house using the Wii remote’s infrared pointer. In one more, they must push tiled blocks around an environment in order to eliminate gaps in walkways. From what we could tell, the minis are well-designed.

IGN – MySims Party Preview