Gamespot just published their time spent with The Sims 3:

Our evil schmoozer sim began his life in his run-down home, receiving a visit from a next-door neighbor holding a crying (but candy-eating) baby, and because we were so single-minded in our approach to doing evil things, we quickly isolated the child the moment it was set down by its absent-minded father to steal its candy, then promptly started a fistfight with the angry dad. Of course, our pudgy, out-of-shape sim lost the fight due to his total lack of body skill, but it was worth the effort of using our conversational skills to imply that our pugnacious guest was descended from a llama. As you may recall from our previous coverage of the game, The Sims 3’s dialogue system has been revamped such that you can’t curry favor with others by repeatedly choosing to “chat” or “tell joke” until their relationship meter builds up to full–you need to vary up your approach and will get better feedback on whether you’re successfully attracting (or alienating) people by their body language, such as the arms-crossed, standoffish stance our neighbor took before pounding our candy-smeared face in.

The Sims 3 ‘Hands-on’ impression: Creating a New Sim, and a Day in the Life