Part of the reason why the series is so charming is because of the adorable cast of characters. They’re placed in a pastel, kid-friendly world in which all they seem to do is play all day long–how nice is that? MySims Party keeps the tradition of customization alive by letting you decorate some of the town with monuments that you can win by playing in the festival. However, the amount of customatization is limited, given that it seems you can change only the exterior of your house and a few key locations. It’s possible that whoever is running the place doesn’t want your lousy landscaping skills blemishing the perfect little town. The bulk of your time is spent playing the minigames, which can be accessed in the Minigame mode if you don’t feel like participating in the Dream Festival. This mode won’t earn you any special items, but it’s a quick way to play because you avoid the loading times and fanfare whenever a round is finished. There’s also a Ranking mode that you unlock early on so that you can compete online against other players.

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