Electronic Arts logoIf you’ve ever played an EA game before, then you’re familiar with bugs.  Can’t put the blame fully on them though…EVERY game has it’s share fair of bugs and errors – game developers are human too!  While companies tend to beta test their games before deadlines, it’s occasionally known that if they are on a tight schedule they have to accept the fact there are bugs and still release it.  EA’s been known to do this a lot, releasing patches over time to correct them.  And if all of the information from the Sims 3 Creator’s Camp is true, TS3 will have it’s fair share of bugs (but technically you can’t hold Maxis/EA against some of those as the fans were playing an earlier build of the game).

The reason why I’m brining up this topic is that an article from Kombo caught my eye.  For those who follow gaming news, you know that EA has been laying off employees left and right.  According to the article, EA has fired a large chunk of the Play-Testers – the people who play and test the game to report bugs.  Kombo questions the reasoning behind this and comes up with the guess that they don’t need testers – we’re the testers!  Well…after thinking about that, I’d have to kind of agree.  From all of the PC games I’ve played (keep note that I only play games from Maxis/Simulation Games), I’ve lost count of the many of times bugs popped up and countless issues that other people are experiencing.  It’s pretty much been this way all along…and with the recent firings, it’s possible it can get worse.