Holy cow, Spike’s Video Game Awards show can be summed up by 1 word, which is represented by this picture:

So far, this show is full of facepalms and lols (and not a good lol).  Things did turn around though when Will came out to speak.  I was cracking up laughing because…well…Will was being Will and started to ramble about video games and technology 😛  Probably left some people scratching their heads wondering what he is talking about.  It was pretty good too, he kept on rambling for so long, I thought he would end up getting played off by the band!

Other than that, there was a short video of a SimAnt created in Spore, Sim Character and a Spore creature called Oogie speaking in their simlish/spore language about how awesome Will his.

So that’s pretty much it, he wins an award…for being awesome.  Nice job, Will! 😀

If I find video, I’ll post it here.